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Surtain Injury


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Sep 2, 2001
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Miami Dolphins CB Patrick Surtain sprained his left knee on a play that he intercepted a pass from Peyton Manning in the endzone to end their scoring threat just before the half. No word on how serious this injury is yet.
hopefully it is just a sprain and he will be able to play next week...we need him big time against the jets
If Pat was in the game, I guarantee Harrison wouldn't have had as many catches and hards. It would have been a whole different ball game......
Thats how Madison got hurt last year, intercepting a Manning pass.
I was thinking about that too. Something about Manning and his tosses......
I hope its not serious. Maybe I'm wrong but I considered it to be positive that he banged it on the turf as opposed to seeing the knee twist awkardly
Originally posted by Dol_Fan5434
ESPNEWS reports he his questionable and nothing is torn........... phew........... he might not practice since he knows the system so well.

The breeze from the collective sigh of relief coming from Miami, was felt all the way here in NJ... it should go without saying, that I also added to it!
Updating earlier reports, ESPNews reports Miami Dolphins CB Patrick Surtain (knee) just has a sprained and bruised knee. MRI tests were negative. He is now listed as questionable for week three.
/me drops down into a fetal position and weeps tears of joy.
Originally posted by chambers84
yeah, NO Fletcher......please!

You can bet that Fletcher will play a HUGE role in the game this week. The Jets are famous for spreading the field on us and slaughtering our 3rd or 4th corner.

Best EX.
Jerry Wilson who singlehandedly blew a 23 point 4th Q lead by getting schooled by Chrebet all quarter long.:eek:

You gotta know that they are designing a ton of plays to do just that to Fletch. I hope he gets his act together. This will be interesting!
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