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Surtain Math


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Aug 13, 2004
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Jimmy traded our #1 round choice in 2000 for an extra #2 back in 1998. With that pick, Jimmy selected PS. We have now had PS for 7 years, and outside of that one DUI, he has been a quiet, solid to very solid player for us. Yes he cost us some cash over the last few years, but we did get 3 pro bowls out of him.

Now, Saban has been able to trade him for another #2 rounder 7 years later. This has really worked out for us long-term, b/c hopefully we will pick up excellent value @ #46, and draft a Center or a RB that will be around for another 7-9 years. Thus, we used one draft choice 7 years ago, for 14-16 years of play. Good math to me!!!
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