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Surtain on ESPN790

Still not on yet.

I know my boss is going to show up as soon as it starts. :(
Says the Pitt situation is very refreshing. Says "when you're doing something you don't have to do......"
Wanny's voice makes me wanna PUKE!!! Jeez I hate that guy!!!
Saying that they were the best team in football his third year after they beat the Broncos... :chuckle:
They did just confirm that he was indeed traded, btw.
I just hope Pat can leave, and the fans in Miami can move on, and no one has to be angry at anyone. For once it would be nice to both appreciate one another but respect the situation and live "happily"
He most certainly was and Pat has to be sitting there on the other line like "WTF is this guy talking about???"
"They won't even have to give you a physical, Pat. They'll just have to look at that body of yours and they'll give you the stamp."

:roflmao: I miss Wanny.
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