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Surtain sprained knee- out for game

With a banged up Madison and Surtian now out. Manning might have a field day in the second half. Especially since we can't corral James. I don't like this.

P.S. Bring back Ogden, Albert is blowing it!
Ogden sucks, AJ has looked better even though hes been bad. Chambers just made a nice catch. :) Jamar has actually played well so far and we will be fine without Surtain for the rest of the game. Lets just hope it isnt serious. Nice run by Ricky right there too. :)
Is that the reason why we look like we are getting beat towards the end?
Damn we need some CB help.....I hope Surtain is ok best wishes......we will need him against the jets! please tell me we are not jinxed!
Fletcher went up against one of the top two QB-WR duos in the league today in Peyton Manning to Marvin Harrison. Ok so Harrison abused him. But in Jamar's only 2nd year as a pro, I'd be pretty damn concerned if Harrison did NOT abuse him...were I a Colts fan anyway.

This is Marvin Harrison, the guy who has caught more passes in his first 6 years in the league than any WR in NFL history has in their first 6 years in the league. Marvin Harrison has abused both Madison and Surtain in the past. He ALWAYS has a good day against us...ALWAYS (its really annoying). When Fletcher went up against Qadry Ismail I thought he did well except for penalties which I felt were kinda unjustified. Ray Green and our backup safeties also got abused.

We need to give Bryant Westbrook a call.
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