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surtain update and more...

I didn't think he sprained it. It just looked as though he came down real hard on it on the rough turf.. The knee wasn't bent just came down hard, but i am still crossing my fingers. As far as Fletcher goes, the only thing i can say in his defense was that PI call against him was BS.
Let's hope it's nothing serious, we need him against the Jests next week. Fletcher's just not gonna cut it out there unless something drastically changes from this week to next and I just don't see that happening. Anyone else think that if Fletcher doesn't step up his play big time, he could be on the street next season?
We may need 6 safeties against the Jets this week. They will no doubt go with the short dump off passes a plenty. Then send Coles or Moss long against Fletch or Ray Green.
There is no way Fletcher is on the street next season. He is only his second season, and he just played against a top 5 WR. Cut him some slack......
No tear for Surtian. Sprained and bruised, will not practice Wednesday and is day to day.
I heard it on Wanny's press conference that it is indeed bruised and sprained. He is listed as questionable for the Jets game. If Surtain can't go, lets hope Miami can generate some kind of pass rush or Vinny will pick the secondary apart.
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