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T-Pain introduces his "Dolphin Killer" Hearse

Does it bother anyone else that it's called "Dolphin Killer?" If he has to use those words it should be Killer Dolphin.

Wow, if I had that kind of money...(I wouldn't spend it on a hearse!)
Pretty nice but still seems a little plain to me.

MTV did a 1970 hearse on Pimp My Ride a few years back that was cool as hell. Was painted purple with a black top and had airbrushed skulls all over it and the casket. The casket come out on slides just like that but I think that when it opened up it was a BBQ grill. Was perfect for tailgating.
HA HA he said dolphin killer is what his friend calls it, he calls it Daniel Marino ha ha ha ha thats awesome.
He has more money then that. 91 Cadillac...? Either get an older one or hook up an older Impala. I didn't watch the whole video, but I'm a little confused about the casket. Did Trick Daddy die or somethin, because I'd rather have him representing Miami than T-Pain..at least his music is tolerable, if not good to a lot of people.
Really? That has to be one of the dumbest things ever. I did like the new balance shoes though.
I hate his music and his abortion of a fight song but he's obviously a die-hard Phinfan so I can't hate on him as a person. As far as the hearse......I've seen better Fin inspired rides around town but I give him props for trying (the thing that sucks is it's a great idea but it just falls short)

BTW: It would be cool if he dressed a dummy in a Sanchez or whoever that weeks opponents QB was and showed up at the game with it in the casket. That would look great on the pregame show in the parking lot.
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