Tackle Totals From The 1st Half

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins Forum' started by GUH-sick-EE, Aug 11, 2018.

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    Went back and rewatched the 1st half, focused on the D and recorded tackles. One thing I'm unclear on: when a reciever goes to the ground and a DB comes up to tag him, does that count as a tackle? Idk, I counted that as .5 on the couple times it happened. Here's what I came up with:

    J Baker 5.5
    M Fitz 4
    J Phillips 2.5
    W Aikens 2
    V Taylor 2
    K Alonso 1.5
    T McT 1.5
    C Harris 1.5
    J Woodard 1.5
    C Tank 1.5
    R Quinn .5
    R McMillan .5
    X Howard .5
    TJ McD .5
    A Spence .5
    A Branch .5
    J Davis .5

    Fitz also had 2 pass defends, Baker a TFL, Taylor had a sack, Phillips a half, and Woodard with a nice hurry.


    • Phillips/Taylor combo looked better than Spence/Godchaux. Though that may have more to do with who they were playing against
    • Stee-Phone Anthony got washed out of every play, and wiffed on the tackles he could've made
    • TJ missed a couple on that first drive
    • Quinn got a 5 yard piggyback ride on a RB, before Minkah shut that **** down
    • Harris was around the ball some, but his rush looked pretty weak. Wake said he was most improved of anyone, so this was kind of a let-down
    • McMillan was invisible, but I think he was inside his head. He'll come around
    • The secondary overall was pretty meh, besides Minkah, who is already having his bust prepared for Canton
    • Baker was a huge surprise, and all over the field. The 3rd LB spot should be between him and Allen. Hopefully Baker is as intelligent as he is athletic.
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    Its very hard to judge the secondary off of this game. For some reason they were playing alot of off coverage. I get that preseason is vanilla but you can let them play press to show off their skills
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    Stephen Anthony ooks like a "pretty-boy". He has the perfect body for he position, and he's probably a gentleman.

    So he had it easy coming up.

    But it appears that he has no desire to be great, and in the NFL, you just can't coast on by just because you look the part.

    If he was getting washed out every play and wife on tackles like you said, why is he here? Get him out of here and let Jerome and Chase take his reps.
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    Cut Anthony now. He sucks. He continues to make mistakes that leave gaping holes in coverage situations. Has zero instincts.
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    I agree... He's beautiful
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    I agree with your assessment of McMillan. It’s easy to forget that this was his first game since when...a bowl game in college? Other than camp last year and this year - that’s a long time to be out. It’s a mental game at this point. I’m not too concerned with what he presents in the next game or so - I’ll be concerned if he isn’t showing up a month from now.

    Anthony frustrates the hell out of me. Former first rounder with all the potential on the planet and he’s invisible out there. He’s the linebacker version of Devante Parker. Such potential and such disappointment at the same time. For the love of God please get some fire in your belly.

    Minkah is as advertised. Finally a legit FS. If this team doesn’t figure out a way to get Reshad, T.J. and Minkah on the field I’ll be highly disappointed.

    And Burke may be our biggest weakness on defense, which is a travesty if it plays out that way. It’s too early to judge, so I’ll hold off. But he scares me.
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    I agree. He just jumped over his big hurdle - staying healthy through his first game unlike last year!

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