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Tahnks 87, bear with me..thread?whats that.

No problem 950...this is where it's at. The shoutbox is just for saying whatever. Lately it has been for Dolphins vs Bills arguments.

Enjoy the forums, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask
Thanks for your patience and your warm greetings. It's nice to find some true Dolfans out there. To answer your question: I think at times Jay Fiedler reminds me of Bob Griese (my alltime fav), at other times I think that he looks out of his league. He was an excellent backup and probably should be again. But he does some good things and I root for him to succeed. I wish that we could have landed Drew brees a few years ago. Wanna know what I think about TBuck?
I'm not big on TBuck, I always laughed watching him get burned (With the Broncos/Pats) and was always pissed when he did with us.

You like him?
Welcome 950! Interesting that you say Feidler reminds you of Griese... there are times when I'd agree, but Greise was much more consistant (before his eyes started going bad) and I think his instincts were enormously better... I used to love watching him... he never lost his cool!
I'd love to have T-Buck as a situational player. Especially a VETERAN situational player who still can get it done. Can never have too many of those
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