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tank johnson bodyguard shot and killed in nightclub

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Dec 17, 2005
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CHICAGO -- Chicago Bears nose tackle Tank Johnson, already facing weapons charges after a raid on his home, is not responsible for the deadly shooting of his friend inside a nightclub, the player's lawyer said Saturday.

Johnson was cooperating with the investigation into Willie B. Posey's death Saturday, but police have asked him not to discuss the shooting, attorney Thomas Briscoe said.

"Tank Johnson has absolutely no responsibility for this tragic shooting," Briscoe said. "He lost a very close friend."
Police talked to Johnson at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where Posey was pronounced dead early Saturday, Police Superintendent Phil Cline said.

Posey, 26, died after a fight inside Ice Bar, a club in the trendy River North neighborhood, Cline said. No one was in custody and the gun was not recovered, Cline added. He said it appears one shot was fired.
Why would a guy named Tank need a bodyguard for? :confused: Ohhh yeah that's right....Tank had 6 unregistered guns in his house.
Well many said he had no need for a gun maybe they were wrong.
TJ and his bodyguard were pretty close. Sad to see this happen.

Tank has unbelievable potential. He's a monster who can run a 4.65. He's been compared to Ed The Fridge Perry because of some of his freakish strength moves on the interior. I want to see him succeed, but he has a lot of issues that he needs to fix up. As a Bears fan, I'm rooting for him, but I am a Bears fan because of the class and professionalism and tradition of the organization. I don't want to see criminals running around, so if he can't get his **** together, I think it could be best to cut ties.
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