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Team Interested in Marco Coleman?


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Mar 17, 2002
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Dolphins | Interested in Coleman? - posted at KFFL (
14:02 PT: The Washington Times reports the Miami Dolphins may have an interest in DE Marco Coleman should he be released by the Washington Redskins after June 1.

I think this would be great move, at the right cost of course.
Come on home Coleman. You should have never
coleman would be a great pickup because we would not lose a beat if somethimg happened to jt or dg...he also has a few more years left in him...
The most important player on our Dline is JT, bar none! If he goes down we are screwed! He is an ELITE RDE and nobody on our roster could have the same effect he does. We have good depth at DT and rotate those guys all the time, we rotate the LDE spot all throughout the game as well, but JT plays all snaps and is great, without him we lose A LOT!

Coleman could hold up, but there would be a HUGE drop off in pass rush from that end spot if JT goes down.
i'm with bodzilla29 on this, taylor is one guy this team can't lose. i love coleman, though.
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