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Teams that attended McPherson's private workout


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from Not sure how much interest this shows more/less then other teams but....

[Teams that attended his private workout at his high school in Bradenton:]

New Orleans Saints
Jacksonville Jaguars
Miami Dolphins
St. Louis Rams
New York Giants

[and some more tidbits below]

Two and a half years ago, McPherson was one of college football's most celebrated freshman talents. A one-time Mr. Basketball and Mr. Football in Florida, he committed to the Seminoles as arguably the most highly recruited prep athlete in the country. He began to fulfill that reputation when, as a true freshman, he fought his way into the quarterback rotation with Chris Rix and threw 12 touchdowns and one interception in only eight games.

The Baltimore Ravens have also sought a private workout.

Following the league's scouting combine in Indianapolis – when he showed up in peak physical condition and showcased unmatched raw skills –

There appears to be plenty to work with. There's so much talent that McPherson has drawn athletic comparisons to both John Elway and Michael Vick. McPherson ran 4.5 seconds in the 40-yard dash at his pro day and registered a 40½-inch vertical jump, then showcased his arm by standing flat-footed and throwing a ball 75 yards. And at 21 years old, his 6-foot-4, 211-pound frame could easily bulk up to 220, allowing him to take the punishment of the NFL.

The devil though, is in the details. He still has to develop his reads and his footwork needs fine-tuning, as does his ability to make finesse throws. In a way, he's a little like Favre was early on, overcompensating with velocity as if he's trying to put the football through a brick wall. And although he played Arena football, he's been off the league radar for over two years.
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