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Tell me what you think?

Migs182005 Staff Writer
Aug 12, 2002
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I wrote this article recently. I just want to know what you think. I like getting input on my thoughts from other people, that way I can see other views. Unlike
:monkey: Chris Mortensen

What do u think of the power ranking, etc.
maybe I should add a link!

LOL, sorry for not adding a link.
What do u think of the power ranking, etc.

Are you talking about all of them or one in particular???
here it is

Mid Week Report
Miguel Lorenzo September 11, 2002

I wish to start this report by asking everyone not to forget what happened one year ago today. It was an event that changed us all, and the way we lived. It made us realize how irrelevant sports were compared to the real life situations unfolding before us. We can talk about sports as much as we want, but we must never put it in front of our security, our priority, our country, and our way of life. We must never stop our pursuit of maintaining freedom, and it must never be taken from us. God bless the souls who gave up their lives a year ago today for the one thing that differentiates us Americans from everyone else. Freedom and nothing else. Remember what has been said by so many, and remember the events that made us realize how lucky we are to have Freedom. May God bless America. May God bless the world. May God bless those innocent victims who died on that fateful day for our freedom.

With week one in the books, many questions were answered, but new ones arose. The Dolphins Offensive line was a huge question mark heading into the season, but with a masterful game against a not so bad Lions Defensive line, we all got a taste of how good this line can really be. Would the Patriots be as good as last year? Well I think we all got our answer on Monday Night as they put a spanking on the heavily favored Pittsburgh Steelers. Would Steve Spurrier's offense work in the NFL? It worked against the Cardinals, but then again, they are the just the Cardinals. Then what about the new questions? Are the St Louis Rams as good as once thought, losing to the Broncos? Or how about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers losing to the Saints? Is John Gruden going to make an impact like we all thought he would? Well my friends, that’s why we have 15 more weeks of football, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know, that new questions will pop up every week. So we can do this all year long, or we can talk about what’s in store for us this week. A huge game in the AFC East will be the New England Patriots and the New York Jets. Dolphins fans can’t lose on this game, but can the Patriots, who always end up splitting the season series with the Jets, win away? Steve Spurrier’s shining moment in the NFL could be this Monday night against the Eagles. If his offense can score like it has done all preseason long against the Eagles defense, then we might have to consider the Redskins a Super Bowl contender, but I don’t see it happening. What about the Pittsburgh Steelers? Almost everyone is predicting them to go to the Super Bowl, but with such a discouraging loss to the Patriots, people are starting to back away. This week as they take on the once very powerful Oakland Raiders, another loss could signal shockwaves through the AFC. And what about those impressive Miami Dolphins? They finally face a very potent offense in the Indianapolis Colts, so the defense will get a chance to prove it’s self, while the offense can start to make believers out of skeptics with another high scoring game.

Top 10 Power Rankings:
1. New England Patriots (Until the champions are beat, they will remain on top.)
2. Miami Dolphins (When ever you score 49 points on anybody, you’re good)
3. Oakland Raiders (Impressive win over the Seahawks, but it won’t last for long)
4. Green Bay Packers (A sloppy win against the Falcons, but a wins a win, and they have one of the best teams right now.)
5. Tennessee Titans (Very impressive win for the Titans, but with Kearse gone for a while, they might decline)
6. San Francisco 49ers (Barely got out of New York alive but you need luck to have good seasons)
7. Chicago Bears (Almost let the Vikings beat them, but they came through)
8. St. Louis Rams (Though they lost, they still are the Rams, but are they as good as we thought?)
9. Denver Broncos (Beating the Rams sure helps in getting you in the top 10, and it did)
10. Philadelphia Eagles (Though they lost, they are still one of the best teams in the NFC, and they should prove it against the Redskins this week.)

On the rise
The Miami Dolphins are pumped up, and they always get off to a great start, but this year they might actually finish it.

Going Down
Well I don’t know how lower you can get, but the Detroit Lions are not even on the chart.
Mort really hates us. When he talks about the 49 point win, he never stops mentioning the opponent. 49 points is very good against any opponent, even though the Lions defense is just awful.
1. Have to agree with the Pats especially with a dominate win over the Steelers.

2. I am a Dolphin fan and we did put up 49 points , BUT the Titans did beat the Eagles and Kearse's backup, Hall got three sacks. No need to wait for Mr K.

3. The Bronco's beat the team most think is the most talented and most probable to win the Super Bowl. Also think the coach stepped on his dick by starting a QB controversy.

I think these teams deserve the top rankings at least until they blow it next week. The rest of the order seem in line to me.
Power rankings are similar to college rankings, themselves rather volatile. Even more so power rankings are far more subjective due to each list being compiled by a single individual. It would be interesting if someone compiled the different power rankings into a single poll, like college AP.
thanks for the imput, keep it comming lol
Good article and for the most part good rankings..your justifications are pretty sound and I can agree with them..I'm glad you have the PAT's number 1..They deserve that for now..This week will be interesting..because PAT's play Jets..which is good news for us...because no matter who wins or lose..the loser will have a lost in the division..and we will still be 1 up on them whether we win or lose.
Yeah, untill the Patriots get beat, they are last years champions, and they havn't lost. they deserve to be #1 untill they lose. Thanks for all the replies guys
By the way, my week 2 predictions will be on the site tonight. Tell me what you think of them, and lay down ur predictions too.
opps, anyways, Migs182005, and sportsguy11 are both my names, Migue Lorenzo. sorry for the confusion
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