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Tennessee @ Bills Predictions


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Aug 25, 2006
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So who do you guys think will win this game? Bills fans think it will be a close game going either way, almost every titains fan is sure they will win and some think by a large margin (this going off of message board's) and of course the media thinks the titains will win because they are sucking VY's jock.

Anyway, who do you guys (non-biased) think will win?

I think whoever has the ball wins on a last second score. (over/under around 50...)
I have this going the way of the bills... (to quote myself)

Tennessee Titans (7-7) at Buffalo Bills (7-7)

The Buffalo Bills are really still in the hunt for the post season but need a lot of help. The Titans and rookie quarterback Vince Young have gone on a wild five game winning streak. The luck ends this week as the Bills, who have been playing well, win at home over the Titans.

Titans 10, Bills 23


Not too worried about the Titans.. The Vince Young lovefest stops this week..

Looks at his #'s, not that impressive. Worst QB rating in the league, barely completes half of his passes. I'm not impressed.
Id give the edge to the home team in this one. So Im gonna go Bills.

Tennesse 20

Buffalo 24
I think the Titans will win it as Losman will fail to throw it away in the closing seconds so that the Bills can kick a last second game winner. :lol:
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