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Tennessee loses to LSU 31-20


Mark Clayton
Sep 3, 2001
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Ok...Now that Tennessee lost...Who do you guys think you will play now? :confused:
I really don't know who will go, I think Oregon should go, they lost one gameto Stanford and they only lost it because they blocked two of their punts in the second half or something. I think that Nebraska probably will go, even though Colorado muredered them and they didn't even win their conference.
The fact is Nebraska was ranked #1 all year until 2 weeks ago. The system seems to punish the teams that lose late in the season more than teams that lose early. They deserve to be there. They've played a really tough schedule. You really can't expect anyone to go undefeated in the Big 12, it's just not going to happen very often. Especially not this year. Oklahoma, Colorado, Texas, Texas A&M, Kansas St, Nebraska are all consistantly in the top 25 with four of those teams deserving the top 10. I think that Nebraska is the only team that can beat Miami, so it's going to be a good game. ( I think Texas could too, if Applewhite plays the whole game.)
To beat Miami they need to force turnovers, because it's going to be hard to consistantly run the option against the Canes' speedy defense.
This is why they need playoffs. Nebraska has been a great team all year, and teams do get punished more for losing late (which is dumb). I think Oregon should go, some think Colorado, some Nebraska, and we do need to remember that Maryland, Illinois, and BYU all won their conferences and only had one loss (If BYU didn't play a 13 game schedule, they would have been undefeated.) I think we need a playoffs schedule, it could have the championship actually be a bowl game. See, this is what you do. You have 16 teams. In the top 8, the playoff games are in select cities where they have the bowl games, and call them bowl games, with all the tradition. The final four could have 2 bowl games that weekend, this yearn being the Fiesta and Sugar. And for the final weekend, the championship would be the Rose Bowl, with the two teams losing in the "final 4" being in the Orange Bowl. This way we keep the bowls, have better teams in them, and have a playoff.
Another thing

They would rotate what game is the championship game every year. So, if they had the Rose Bowl as the championship this year, next year it would be the Sugar Bowl, than the Orange, etc.
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