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Test 2


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Sep 2, 2001
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Atlanta, GA
[intro]I know Dungy is a good coach, but I don't think the people that think their d will improve greatly understand how bad they are. The have one of the smallest D lines in the league, and picking D.Freeny(i will come back to Freeny) didn't help that at all. Their secondary is a joke at best. They have marginal talent at LB, but no true superstar. [/intro]Dungy may be good but he doesn't have any one as talented as the worst starter he had in Tampa. Donnie Abraham who couldn't find playing time in Dungy's d last year would still be better than all four of his starting secondary in Indy. He did take 2 d lineman early in the draft, but Freeny and Tripplet have more ?s next to their names than any others taken in the first 2 rounds. Freeny relyed on his speed to dominate at Syracuse, but didn't record 1 sack in either game against Miami. He may end up being good when he bulks up, but willhave a hard time keeping his energy up when he is faceing 300lb monstersthat move just as quick as he does. I just don't see that much improvement in one season. They did nothing in free agency on defense. The only thing this defense has going for it is they get to play Houston twice, but then again Eddie George get to run all over them twice as well.
The thing is that on Defense a scheme created by a great "D" minded coach can overcome some of the negative things like having a small "D" line. The Colts won't have a top 10 Defense, but they will be very much better. Enough to win a AFC Championship, no but they will be better than they have been in a long time.
BUT, I really don't care because they are not in our division anymore, and we only play them once this season!
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