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Texans Interested In Dealing With The Dolphins...


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Jan 27, 2002
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One of the things that go on as training camp rosters go round the league.... many Gm's can assess which teams are deep...in depth....at a position that they may be looking for help.

Even Rick SPIELMAN...probably is pondering all teams....with any offensive line depth....all be it...those teams you proably can count with one hand...

But you would be surprised to know....that there are many teams already calling the Dolphins about 2 of their deepest positions......THE SECONDARY... and the DEFENSIVE LINE.

The only team that I have confirmed that are definately interested in making a deal for one of our safeties...is the HOUSTON TEXANS.

The TEXANS are interested in SHAWN WOODEN....that is all I know at this time...

I don't anticipate anything happening until later this month....when the rosters have to be cut down to 65... that is where the coaches will know plenty more about a veteran players chances....like a Shawn Wooden...of making the final cut of 53.

Right now.....the Dolphins are just listening to see which teams are interested in what positions and possibly...which players...at that position.

Most teams just call to get a feel for the teams direction....on a certain player.... basically they may ask paramaters on what kind of chances will the Dolphins be keeping 9 defensive lineman....or 5 safeites....they kind of want to feel them out...to see if that particular player they covey....will soon be cut.....so they can get that player without giving up any compensation.

So I just wanted to pass along tonight....that with all the real tough cuts that the coaches have to make later in this month....they always can.....before they actually cut a player out-right.....go back to these early phone call notes...from other teams....to see if they can work out some kind of trade....before they cut him.

Again....the overall bottom line is that if you do plan on cutting somebody outright......even getting a 7th round pick....is better than nothing at all.

There is definately going to be some good players cut from this roster.....there is no doubt about that.....ones that surely other teams can use.

Hopefully....the Dolphins will come back to these early inquires from other teams......and see if they can get something in return.

And now....people will say.....DCH... "How come the Dolphins could not land a 7th round pick...at the very least..for DARYL GARDENER"?

Because of that contract...... I have heard that the Dolphins did try and make a trade for DARYL GARDENER.....but nobody was interested in trading for that remaining contract. They tried.....no takers. Wanny then made the decision to release him.

And the bottom line: GARDENER signed for relatively peanuts....compared to what he was going to make with the Dolphins this season. He signed a 1 year...incentive laden contract with the Skins.....only a $250,000 bonus.....the REDSKINS have the same concerns about DG's health...as the Dolphins.

Also.....The one player I hear the most that teams want......is JERMAINE HALEY. I can assure you....that the Dolphins will in no way, shape or form...trade HALEY. But that is the guy.. even as a backup DT......there are many teams around the league....where he would proably be a starter.....and that is why teams gauge the Dolphins interest....he is a top-line backup....and even for a 4th round pick in exchange.....the DOlphins just cant afford to let this type of insurance policy go.

Hopefully....the Dolphins make something out of an outright, good player.....who they have to release....its just that simple...and that is the moral of this post.
Thanks for the scoop. I have a question, though.

Why would the Texans trade for a player they feel might get cut, when they're first in line for claiming released players? I would think the Texans would only be interested in trading for a player that's going to stick, like Haley. The only way I see them trading for Wooden, is if their interest in him sparks another team, that's interested, into talking trade before Wooden gets released, then the Texans may join the frey. Other than that, they have first dibs, so why trade?
He was saying they were gauging our interest of keeping Wooden. And if Wooden and another player are running exactly the same and we are gonna have to cut one, we could just trade one and keep the other.

Wooden could end up being teh last player kept(like last year), and a team that could use him could give something for him and we could just keep the next guy below him, not lose much in depth or talent and gain a much needed pick for next year.
I thought for sure when I read the title of this post that the Texans would want one of our RBs since they are weak at that position. James Allen and Jonathan Wells.
Last time I checked Shawn Wooden was one of the most active Dolphins in the community, loves it down here, and is probably our most capable backup safety (the only other guys are Trent Gamble and Scott McGarrahan I believe...both of which are special teams aces not capable safeties) so yes, Shawn Wooden pretty much was looking to make this team. He's still relatively young and he's played very well in the past. I would not be surprised at all if the Texans made an offer for a conditional 7th or even 6th for him.

As for Haley I really would not be surprised if we could get a 4th or even 3rd for him. I'd rather trade Ernest Grant but we probably wouldn't get jack for him. And right now James Atkins looks to be pushing pretty hard to make this team...
Twan Russell is the most active Dolphin in the community. He started the Russell foundation, which helps kids in Southern Florida learn how to read. He was in the Sporting News issue of "Good guys in sports."
Which is kind of why I said...

"Last time I checked Shawn Wooden was one of the most active Dolphins in the community"
James Allen is not bad at all for an expansion team. He ran for over 1000 yards in 2000, plus caught that hail mary vs. CLE last year.
Originally posted by J-E-T-S
James Allen is not bad at all for an expansion team. He ran for over 1000 yards in 2000, plus caught that hail mary vs. CLE last year.

Yeah, but i bet you $5 he loses his job to Jonathon Wells the Mid-Season.
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