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Texas Not Big Enough for the Texans and DG's Attitude


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Feb 12, 2002
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According to Pro Football Talk, DG was a - and I'm quoting here- "d**k" in his meeting with team officials. I'm not sure what happened to this guy but he really seems to have become self destructive. Perhaps he should take a page from the "Ricky Williams Book on Psychological Wellness" and seek some professional help. If things keep going the way they are for him I wouldn't be shocked to see DG snapping and ripping someone's head off a' la OJ.

Hopefully he can get some Prozak or give his inner child a hug (or perhaps a time out) and start acting normal again. This is just sad to see someone self destruct like this.
DG Story
I don't know why everyone misses this guy so much, he would have been a bust at DE, his attitude sucks, and he is always injured.
d.g. and his attitiude.................

i still say it's steroids. i just have a feeling he will be busted and suspend any day. his whole act right now just screams 'roids.

:monkey: on daryl gardner!

i sure the hell don't miss him.
Apparently the real reason they took offense to him is they sent an intern to the airport to pick him up when his plane was scheduled to arrive. Apparently DG's plane got in early and the intern arrived on time so DG had to wait there a little while (probably a whole 15 min) and when the intern got there DG ripped into the intern hardcore. From there I'm sure it didn't go particularly well and when the intern explained the situation to his/her boss they probably viewed the rest of the meeting in that light and Daryl Gardener's usual ****iness which has ALWAYS manifested itself, viewed with respect to that incident probably just made them conclude that he's a total @ss which is not an unreasonable conclusion.

Its not that he's self-destructing, its that he's always been this way he just hasn't had too many opportunities to make it public. And Dolphin fans dont want to hear about trouble in paradise so writers dont write stories about how a player with a huge contract that makes a big impact on the field does a ton of little things everyday that make everyone conclude that he's a complete @sshole.
Ripping into an intern when your plane lands early??? That's just sad. The more this stuff is exposed, the more I'm glad the dude's gone! :yell:
Thats the thing, we only hear about it when we want to hear about it. Now that he's gone, SoFla readers WANT to hear about how messed up Daryl Gardener is and how much we should be glad he's no longer on the team.

PFT says that he may only get a veteran's minimum 550k 1 year offer. This only highlights how much we were SERIOUSLY overpaying this cancerous scumbag.
If he took steroids, he would have already be caught. This isn't baseball, just ask Shawn Springs.
Re: d.g. and his attitiude.................

Originally posted by clayton83
his whole act right now just screams 'roids.

I heard Preperation H is the way to go if this is the case. :lol:
I also found it interesting that Lorenzo Bromell has fallen to #2 RE on the depth chart. PFT makes it seem like Bromell's play has sucked. But in reality, as they quietly state later, it all stems from Bromell missing some off-season workouts in connection with his marraige.

He'll win the job.
I'm sorry but i'm a little shocked and in disbelief at this whole thing with DG, I mean COM'ON!! HIS PLANE LANDED EARLY!!!!!!!:lol:
the story from here was a little different: http://espn.go.com/nfl/columns/pasquarelli_len/1410440.html

The Washington Redskins might sign free agent defensive tackle Daryl Gardener, cut by the Miami Dolphins last week, but no one else is beating down his door right now. Gardener rubbed Houston Texans officials, who were very interested in him before his visit there, the wrong way during a brief meeting. He complained the club dispatched a town car, and not a limousine, to ferry him from the airport to the practice facility. He was, one Texans staffer told ESPN.com, notably out of shape. After a seven-minute workout, the Texans had seen enough, and sent Gardener packing without a contract offer. The Detroit Lions, with a pair of ailing defensive tackles in Luther Elliss and Shaun Rogers, also checked out Gardener and weren't particularly impressed. There is even a split on him in the Washington organization, but no one seems to be heeding any of the detractors on the Redskins staff.

Miami coach Dave Wannstedt is too astute to simply give up on a quality defensive lineman without there being some underlying issues. And Gardener has more than a few. The franchises that have done their homework on him, and phoned friends in Miami to get background information, have mostly backed way from the gargantuan defensive tackle.
It's starting to sound pretty sad actually. He's gotten away with being who he is, his whole life because people could use him for something and now that he's out lived his usefulness, reality is smacking him in the grill.
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