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Thank god for depth...


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May 24, 2002
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Tampa, FL
This offseason I know more than a few people questioned us having such good WR depth in Norv's offense...myself included. I mean I was mainly talking about reasons NOT to sign someone like Darnay Scott or Cris Carter amid our current guys but all I have to say now is thank god for depth.

We lose two starters, and two former starters step right in for us.

We lose our starting QB, and a former starter with a hot hand in preseason can step right in.

And you know what? If we lose Ricky Williams for a short time then a healthy Robert Edwards steps right in his place.

We lose a LT and Marcus Spriggs steps in and performs well against the Pats and the Broncos.

If we lose a safety then Shawn Wooden comes in, former 3 year starter for us, who says he's finally healthy and playing the best he's ever played.

We lost either Sam Madison or Patrick Surtain at various points throughout the year, and I'll tell you what we lost one game but it was because of Tony Gonzales on Zach Thomas and Arturo Freeman, and Sam Madison and Brock Marion...not really because of Jamar Fletcher (although his presence affected the game plan in terms of getting pressure on Green...but then again, the DL really didn't play well as compared to how they did against the Pats and the Broncos).

We've got a glut of DEs. Jermaine Haley swings in for an injured or tired Larry Chester or Tim Bowens and we don't miss a beat. Only place I can think of without much depth is linebacker.
I love the depth we have at WR. These guys would be below average for starters but they are very good backups to have and Ward will shine because he has Ray throwing him the ball. I think Ward will do better with Ray than with Jay, but hes the only exception.
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