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Thanks Daryl for some awesome play, when you were healthy!


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Feb 18, 2002
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Just wanted to give Gardner his due! When he was healthy he was the man, the gladiator he claimed to be. Good luck with your new team as long as it's not in the AFC east ;)

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DG was a solid player, but for a 1st round draft pick and someone with so much potential he was kinda of tease. He never put together a long series of dominant performances and then the first time he does in 2001, he gets hurt for the rest of the year. It was just a bad combo of lack of dedication when he was young and injuries. In hindsight, he would have been better off as a DE in a 3-4 D.
We'll see where he goes. The one thing that can motivate a man like this more than anything else is revencge and if he winds up in the AFC somewhere, revenge will be high on his list. I predict some very heated play the first time DG winds up back in Miami.
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The Redskins are supposedly very interested in DG.... also, the Cards may be talking a look too...
signing w/the card w/b the kiss of the death for his career historically, but I do remember that his back Dr is out that way so maybe a good idea. As often as we play them that w/b :cool: w/me

he's not the first loss this year of a star who has been softened and lost by injury. I wish him well with his future team(s) in any fixtures which don't match us. But I believe the front office, Wanny in particular has handled this in the best way he can for the team.

Sure we'll still look for our prima-ballerinas, but if this team is to win in San Diego it has to be as a team. Go phins!
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