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That was for everyone who thought Jay was great


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Sep 29, 2001
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I knew it that Jay wasn't great. He did well against three weak defenses, and then when he faces a good but not great defense Jay ****s up. Im not surprised at all. I was really disapointed in the pathetic way the defense played. Jay should of done better against that defense. It doesn't matter how good the defense is, 3 interceptions can not be excused. We should let Jay leave, because he is only good against bad defenses. Next week he might struggle again, but the Patriots don't have a great defense. He shouldn't have problems against Atlanta or Buffalo, and if he does, we are screwed for the playoffs (I know we haven't clinched, but we are obviously going.)
Jay sucks. Jay is terrible. Jay only does well against bad defenses. Bla bla bla.... sorry, you must of missed the game. I mean, Jay totally had enough time to sit back there and through nice crisp passes. :rolleyes:
I know alot of you are saying this stuff about hating Jay out of frustrtion and being mad about the way he played...I sad it once before and got my head bit off for it. Last year..the first year after Marino retired :cry: ..I expected us to only go 3-13 or 4-12..but I got a miracle year and the surpise of my life by us going to the AFC Divisional game so I was shocked...Then there is this year..we have looked pretty good through most of the games but we have also gotten lucky on alot of them. I have always said and still believe this...We needed to Draft a QB last year... that way he can grow with us and be ready in about 3-4 yrs..or we should have gotten us a prime candidate from FA last year. I was hoping and pushing for a QB but of course you see what happened. Fiedler is a good QB but too sparatic...he is NOT going to lead this team to the Super Bowl..I'm sorry..You don't get to the "Big Dance" by throwing Int's. We will get into the playoffs this year..I believe that..but don't expect us to go to the won't happen. We know what we need to do now...Draft a QB :yell: or get ready to pull one out of FA. Maybe Mcnown will show us some signs of what type of QB he is next season. That's my take..You guys can kick me off, chew me out, whatever...this is NOT out of frustration..I have alwasy said this to everyone I talk football to...So thank you for letting me speak my peace..You guys are still good friends to me and I hope I can still talk to you guys :D We will get through this..I see a great future with the Dolphins in Chambers, Mcknight, Minor, and our other great Veterans and rookies. We just need a good all around QB.......
Originally posted by FinHeavenAJ
Jay sucks. Jay is terrible. Jay only does well against bad defenses. Bla bla bla.... sorry, you must of missed the game. I mean, Jay totally had enough time to sit back there and through nice crisp passes. :rolleyes:

Sometimes you need a QB who can perform under pressure.
5 fourth quarter comebacks isn't performing under pressure?

He had a bad game, he is NOT a first round draft pick like Peyton Manning, oops my bad Peyton is having a HORRIBLE YEAR.

You guys grow the F*** up. I am so tired of the bitching and moaning, and you jump all over one guy when the whole team blew it. O line, defense, everyone.
Oh yea,

A quarterback that can perform well under pressure. So... um... who exactly are you lookin for? If we draft a QB? Are you looking for a miracle? Seriously, most QBs that come straight from the draft are CRAP the first few season. Yea, there are a few exceptions, but for the most part.

Lets pick some up from Free Agency. Well, according to you, you want someone that is having a great season. Alright, that means that QB will want money. And... you except to have money from where? You know, we do have to pay our current players.

I know, lets get another grocery bagger like Kurt Warner.

Look, you can't expect the world. Especially when the ENTIRE TEAM is playing terrible. Even if you have Peyton Manning or Daunte Culpeper or Kurt Warner... you can still lose games. Further, I can guarentee that if you were to place any of those QBs in for Jay during this game, we would of lost.

No running game, no offensive line, no defense... plain and simple

ABSOLUTELY NOT!! INCONSISTENT!! He had to bring the PHINS back in those 5 comebacks because of HIS TURNOVERS!!! So PLEASE don't try to sugarcoat FEIDLER!!!! Remember NO EXCUSES THIS YEAR!! NO SHOULDER INJURY and NO RECEIVERS excuse this time!! HE IS IS QUALITY BACKUP AND THAT IS IT!!! HE IS JUST LIMITED IN HIS ABILITY!!! :fire:
Umm excuse me, but Denver and Buffalo were both comeback wins, and he threw no int's in those games.
Wow... someone is a little mad... lol

Jay may not be good enough to take us to the Superbowl. But are you looking for a Quarterback god to bring us a great quarterback?

Sugarcoat Fiedler? I wasn't doing that. I was simply saying that the game wasn't all his fault. If you taped the game, like 87 does, watch the game again. See that play... right there... the Defense was getting pushed around. Oh, what about the play.... yea... thats it... where our Offensive line totally collapsed and Jay Fiedler was sacked. Oh... thats right.... the quarterback that the Quarterback god will give us can fly out of that. You know. I mean, Kurt Warner, Peyton Manning, and Daunte Culpeper could of gotten out of that. Surely they have the speed. Dan Marino couldn't of gotten out of that pass rush... and don't tell me he was fast enough.

I just looked in your profile, interesting how you have 14 posts and they are all talking about how bad Fiedler plays. Nothing about the three game stretch of perfection or anything...
Ah yes! but he was INCONSISTANT and NO FACTOR until the 4th quarter!! I was at the BUFFALO game and believe me CHAMBERS and GASDEN made some ABSOLUTELY GREAT CATCHES OF his ducks!! I am sorry that you think he's a good quarterback, I just disagree!!! Is that okay DOLPHAN 87?? Thank you!
Sometimes you need a QB who can perform under pressure.

JOEY HARRINGTON!!! He always drives Oregon out of a hole in the fourth quarter just about every week. And now someone is going to talk about Jay's 5 4th quarter comebacks. Sure, he has them, but what about the rest of the game? Joey is good the whole game, but espicially the fourth quarter. I didn't get to watch the game because my dumb market decided to show the news on CBS instead:yell: , but Jay is part of the reason we lost. If he hadn't thrown 3 interceptions, the team as a whole would have been more confident. The main reason we lost was because of the defense, but Jay was just plain awful, and he is way too inconsistent for me. Sometimes he is great, sometimes he plays worse than a bad high school QB.

Is Fiedler any worse than Trent Dilfer???? No!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dilfer won a Supe Bowl!!!!! Don't blame it all on Fieder!!!!! Our defense sucked, our OL, DL and the rest of the defense sucked!!!!!!!!!!!! And we did turn the ball over........we all have bad days at work.....thank god we don't get firedwhen it happens........our boys will pull through...keep the faith. we simply took a good old fashioned sand box whoopin'. Let's take it like men and keep our heads up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WE WILL WIN THE AFC
Is Fiedler any worse than Trent Dilfer????

Yeah, he is. Dilfer won the super bowl because he did his job last year. His job was simply to score 10 points a game (with a great running back) and to not turn it over. Fiedler, overall, has not done his job. He has turned it over too much this year. I will give him credit, as he has won some games for us, but he is too inconsistent and he isn't that good. I hope he leaves after this year and we bring in a QB (or see CADE!) who can do great things without turning it over like Jay.
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