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Dec 12, 2001
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Albany, NY
This division is why I hate the 4 divisions. The top 2 teams in every other division in the conference has more wins that all the teams combined in the AFC north. The Cheifs who are in last place in the West would be in soul possesion of 1st in the North. 1 of these teams will go to the playoffs, but right now it doesn't look like any of them will post a winning record. An 8-8 team will most likely win the division, and get a chance in the playoffs, but i am positive that 1 team will win 10 games in the west or east and won't go on to the post season. They should make it that the top 3 record for division crowns ge the auto bid, but the 4th gets thrown in to the wild card scramble.
I was thinking about the same thing today as I was looking around the NFL- especially at the NFC. There are quite a few teams this year that are going to get playoff bids that have no right to be anywhere near postseason play while at least two or three teams that have earned a shot won't get one. That will be especially true with the two toughest divisions in the NFL, the AFC East and West, play each other this year and are going to pound one another's heads in.

I've heard talk of the NFL expanding the playoffs by two more teams but then over half the league would wind up in the playoffs; exactly half already go. I'm not sure what the solution is but something bad is going to happen this year that's going to necessitate some kind of change.
I think that the Browns will pull of a 9-7 record to get in, but the 4 divisions is very good because we will play every NFC team once every four years, and no situations will happen when you don't face a team for 20 straight years.
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