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The biggest concern is the OL


Apr 24, 2005
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I believe as long as our skill players stay healthy we have an excellent group there. McMicheal, Chambers, Boston, Booker, Ronnie, and RW all have pro bowl potential. That is a lot of talent at the skill spots.

Although we do not have a great QB, I've seen enough out of both AJ and GF to know that if the OL keeps them clean, they can do a good enough job. They'll get the ball out to the guys that can make the plays.

Now, neither of these QBs, right now, can carry a team like a McNabb or Vick. They wont make the plays happen if things break down up front. With no running game support, average pass blocking, they will disappoint more times than not. So it is extremely important that the OL comes together in a big way this year. If they do, we can win A LOT of games, considering we'll then have good QB play, a running game, and skill players that can make more out of an ordinary play.

Im excitied to see how everything developes.
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