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The Bills


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Sep 26, 2001
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The bills might not be as bad as I thought, They are still in OT but they keep moving the ball pretty easy...........well thay just won!! Thats 2 weeks in a row scoring alot of points and winning this one in OT!
They got lucky, just like the Jets get lucky sometimes. The bills will still finish last in the division.
I don't know, yes they were lucky in that Brien missed TWO extra point attempts. However, it is up to the offense to score points and they did just that for two weeks in a row. Bledsoe looks like a new man up in Buffalo. Lets hope they cool off or our defense shores up by the time we see them.
Originally posted by clumpedplatelet
Maybe the Jets will finish last.........hmmmmmmmm

I sure hope so.....As much as I don't like the Bills I can't stand the jets!!
The Bills are always in it with the way Drew and our offense is playing but we still have a lot of questionmarks on defense, though in all fairness, Minnesota is a very scarey team offensively. The Jets are making a very strong case to end up finishing last. We are still a year away from the playoffs.
Yeah but I hope you guys finish 8-8 that way the Pats don't get a real good draft pick from ya next year.
The Bills got real lucky. When your kicker(vikings) misses 2 extra points, what the hell are you to do?? Those are gauranteed points. The Vikes lost against themselves AGAIN for the second week in a row, they had Chicago beat last week and The Bills beat this week, they they and blew it. Vikes should be 2-0 leading their division, instead Chicago is after 2 luck games. The Bears have to be the luckiest team in the past 2 season(this season and last) The won again because Atlanta's kicker can't hit a 35 yard field goal. Kickers are a factor people.
damn afc east you can never predict who will lose it or win it lol
It's starting to look like the Dolphins and Patriots will fight it out for first place and the Jets and Bills will fight for third. 3W is right, we're still a year away from the playoffs.

BTW, I don't think the Jets are as bad as the Patriots made them look. They've got some issues they need to address, just like the Bills, but I could definitely see the fourth place team in the AFC East having an 8-8 record. Tough division!
I completely agree TigerJ...the Bills will be a heck of a factor next year....especially with your GM who makes masterful draft picks every year.

The streak ends this week.
I think the Pats will start to come back down once a team figures out how to play that offense. It'll be like that Rams, once its figured out, everyone will do it. The problem is how long it takes for it to happen......
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