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The bucs are stacking the line........

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May 19, 2002
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The first few plays were so scripted........ the bucs were blitzing every time....... knowing of coarse that we were going to rush Ricky........ There were a few plays that were so scripted, that Jay didnt even care. That halfback draw, where we got no gain......... Jay had to have seen that they were blitzing lineman and linebackers. He would have easily changed the play if it counted.

Poor Mare, he is having a real rough time........ hes still the best ;)
Leonard Henry sure has heck has paid for least Mare got off the snyde
This QB arm is got soft pills in it What a throw to wide open Sanford if he hits him he could have gotten good yardage.
Wow our Offensive line didn't get any push for running game although Buc brought safeties in and blitz alot.Henry was usually hit before he reach the line of scrimage.The pass block doesn't look bad but run block was horrible with all units....
Guys, its preseason...... and a Wanny and Zach assured us...... we are not going all out

Zach said on a sideline interview, that the defense has a few new schemes that they arent using till Sept 8. He said that they were going to go easy tonight, or somehthing like that.

Wanny said before the game that we were just going to stick with the same plain offense, what i noticed was that it was the exact opposite offense that i read in the article about us not being plain anymore. So we did not get into our Rocky Road ice cream.......

So the offense and defense are basicly holding out untill opening day..... they are not releasing any traces of our new flavor team, and it is fine with me.......... i hope its fine with you and there is no negativity untll thursday
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