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Apr 2, 2003
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Someone brought up a good point on the main board...

My question is, how much do you think Saban is paying attention to the successes of other teams? Do you think he sees a team like Denver with a great OL system and coach, and think he's got the same with Houck? Does that influence him on how much value he gives to the RB spot?

I tend to think that he is looking around at other teams to gague what they've been able to successfully accomplish, and how they've done it. I don't think I've ever really seen a team plug in a different QB every season and get the same results out of them. Denver in contrast, has had success with Terrell Davis (6th), Olandis Gary (4th), Mike Anderson (6th), Clinton Portis (2nd), Droughns (3rd), and are looking to add to the list next year with Tatum Bell (2nd). Not one first round pick in there... certainly not a high first round pick.

I think Denver's success will translate into Saban having a lower value of the RB, and a higher value of the OL and more importantly the Coach/Scheme (hence the hiring of Houck... and his large salary).

Feel free to pick that argument apart :D

I just love not knowing what the hell is going to happen.
Good thought 3P!

It certainly is feasible that Saban might value RB less than other positions - and on a team with as many needs as this one, RB might just be way down the list. Or at least not top-three.
I will say that the 2nd round seems to be a pretty sweet spot for RBs, and if we get a 2nd rounder for Surtain, I would certainly be looking at the board to see which RBs are available there...
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