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The Doctor's next prescription -- I need your questions


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Aug 16, 2002
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Hey guys, I thought about posting this in the main forum, then thought better of it. I'm getting ready to write a new column, and I was thinking to regain my momentum that I might do a piece where I answer reader questions. So ... if you have a question you'd like me to blather about, e-mail or PM me. Once I get a decent number of questions, I'll crank out a column with love from me to you. Thanks in advance for your help.
Hey Doc!
How's it going?

I will help out. My Question is this:

Take all the Miami draft picks this year and give us a pre-season prediction on how you think they will fare. Give us a A-B-C-D-F grade, and then a nerative about what you forecast.

Questions... questions... questions...

How upset will all the Heat homers be when the Pistons steamroll them in the playoffs? :evil:

Seriously though... a sort of overview of the position battles would be fantastic... sort of a compare/contrast sort of piece? Your discretion of course... I'll leave the details to a professional such as yourself.
phinphanphrommi said:
Questions... questions... questions...

How upset will all the Heat homers be when the Pistons steamroll them in the playoffs? :evil:

Man, I'm glad I'm not alone on this board. I do know where they WON'T be: at the games. I'd swear Heat fans are Dodger fans in baseball for all the late arrivals, early departures and no-shows. Piston fans? Hey, say what you want, but we care. We care so much that we knocked one of our main rivals out of serious contention by igniting a massive brawl. :evil:

Uh, anyway, back on topic, Doc, why don't you give us your $0.02 on the offensive line? How big an impact do you think Hudson Houck will have, given that he's working with pretty much the same group of guys (plus Stockar McDougle)?
I've got another question, Doc...who's the dude in your avatar?
Doc -

Here I thought the advantage of this forum is you were always on call to answer our questions 24/7. Now I find out we have to wait for a column? This is an outrage!

Let's see:

1) Can you provide an insight/details on Houk's system and project the changes to the oline?

2) Thoughts on the Safety position and what we'll see happening in the team seconday?

3) Preview of AJ vs Gus and what impact this will have on the future of the team?

How about ur .02 on Jason Taylor, and Zach Thomas...With the new regime coming in and both over 30 years old do we try to get something for them after this season in a trade?
everyone keeps on writing negatives how about the postives that this coaching staff brings? maybe a breakdown fromt he top to the bottom?
Ok guys, that should do rather nicely. Don't be offended if I don't answer each question individually -- some of them lend themselves to combining.

Thanks immensely!
More of an opinion question, but how do we measure success this year? Is the press and gambling folks really being accurate with a 5 win season predicted?

Does either UCF player stand a chance of making the Dolphins roster (go bigby)!!!!!!
phunwin said:
And in an effort to keep this topical, the article looks like it's shaping up nicely, Doc! :)

Actually, it's looking like a three-parter! :eek:

It's so weird to watch the Heat and feel no connection with them whatsoever. I was long gone before they set up shop. Same with the Marlins.
Ok ... part one is live in the Commentary section, though the "Discuss" thread isn't up yet. Parts two and three will follow this week. Enjoy, and thanks for your help, folks.
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