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Mar 4, 2004
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Charlie Frye/QB/Akron

Frye is a very interesting prospect because he possesses a lot of talent, but had a weak supporting cast his senior year and, as a result, did not end his collegiate career with a big year. An excellent athlete who can avoid the rush, Frye can throw accurately on the run and hurt a defense with his ability to scramble. A quick release and a career 64% completion percentage gives an idea of his accuracy. He also sees the field well and threw only 32 interceptions over a 4 year career. His performance against a tough Marshall defense says it all. Akron is down 28-7 in the 3rd quarter. Frye has no help from his running backs, Marshall's D-Line is consistently pressuring him and
his receivers have had some big drops. The game seems lost. He keeps fighting and begins to
turn the game around. Charlie's 3 touchdown passes lead Akron to a 31-28 come-from-behind victory - and that's but one example of the many impressive comebacks during his 4 years. As a competitor -- tough, accurate, dedicated with terrific character -- Frye should do quite well in the NFL.

I would love to see us draft this kid. Though I don't agree with Marshall having a tough defense. Bad example.
Representing the MAC.
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