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The Fantasy Feeling: Week 5


Mar 7, 2002
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Weston, FL
The Fantasy Feeling: Week 5

I first want to congratulate all the people who stuck with me on Shaun Alexander. See? He’s the same guy, it just took a little longer than expected to get back to last season’s form. Anyways, here I go with this week’s fantasy feeling.

Grab These Guys Now:
Todd Heap – I’m sure you’ve heard of this guy by now. But he really does look like the second coming of Shannon Sharpe, without the mouth. The guy caught a ton of passes against a decent Broncos defense and is Baltimore’s only real pass-catcher.

Chad Pennington – I really don’t think things in New York can get much worse. That’s why you should pick him up. The offense HAS to improve soon, doesn’t it? What NFL offense has been as bad as the Jets’ this year? Maybe a change at QB is a start.

Antonio Freeman – I still like Freeman as a solid fantasy receiver. He works the middle better than anyone in the game and McNabb loves him. Nice combo, especially when McNabb gets over the contract hype.

Patrick Ramsey - I’ve listed this guy here for two weeks in a row and that’s because I truly believe that he will start by week 10. If that’s the case, you could be real upset if you don’t have him and you lose to someone who does. He has a lot of potential and if you got the roster space, stash him.

Dump These Guys Now:
William Green – He is just not playing well enough on a weekly basis now to consider playing. You might as well dump him for someone who plays more. Besides, Jamel White gets all the redzone carries anyways.

Kordell Stewart – I really doubt this guy will be back, even if Maddox struggles. I believe they will try out Charlie Batch before Kordell gets under center again and that could take a long time. Save your time and drop him.

Roland Williams – I don’t watch the Raiders much so I can not say that I know this for a fact, but, according to, he is getting less playing time and is virtually invisible in terms of the Raiders passing game.

Start ‘Em:
Tom Brady – Sorry Dolfans but I think the Dolphins defense will do nearly the same thing that they did this weekend. Stop the run and make Brady beat him. Especially if Troy Brown does not play. Although the Dolphins secondary is great, Brady won’t need to throw on them to rack up a bunch of yards. They have 3 solid tight ends (although 2 I believe are hurt, I’m not sure if they will play Sunday or not) and receivers who can find the seam underneath.

Cory Dillon – Dillon has not had a very good season. But, with Kitna playing QB the Bengals will soon find out that they can’t throw. Indy’s defense is still pathetic. I think Cory should get a lot of touches, especially if the Bengals defense can keep the game close throughout most of the game.

Hines Ward – The Saints defense sucks. But, they are still a decent team. If they get some points and get ahead, that will force Maddox to start firing and that could mean a ton of receptions for his possession receiver, Ward.

Chad Pennington - Alright, you guys may think I’m going crazy by saying you should start a Jet quarterback AND a Patriot quarterback the same week. That’s ok, I understand. But, Pennington is better than Testaverde and although he doesn’t have Chrebet playing, he does have that KC defense to throw on. I doubt they will get 4 interceptions two weeks in a row.

Bench ‘Em:
Jake Plummer – Until Carolina’s defense starts showing holes, I would start very few players against them. They have been a force this year and if it weren’t for them (and Rodney Peete of coarse), this team could be 0-4.

Tiki Barber – Dallas actually has a surprisingly decent defense. With Roy Williams playing almost like a 4th linebacker most of the time, they sort of run a 44 style defense (4 ‘backers, 4 lineman). That makes this defense really tough to run against and should cause Barber some troubles.

Brian Griese – After that ugly performance against an average Baltimore defense, how will he do against a good defense? It’s scary to think. I thought he had good weapons, but Portis and Smith have done very little this season and Sharpe has not done much either.

Remember, if you need ANY of your fantasy questions answered, fire them away to I try to read and respond to my email every day. Also, feel free to let me know your opinions and any suggestions you may have to the column. Thanks, and enjoy!


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Feb 12, 2002
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For the most part you've made some safe assumptions here but calling for a start of Pennington is a humongous stretch. Here's a guy who hasn't received any kind of ringing endorsement from his coaching staff at any point in his career and now is thrust into the starting situation for the simple fact that the Jets want to see what they have. He's throwing to a depleted core of receivers, the running game stinks, and the offensive line is playing terribly. In other words, Pennington is no better than a back up until he proves otherwise.

Also, Freeman can't even supplant Todd Pinkston as the #2 guy on the roster and he hasn't been all that productive with McNabb using Thrash as his "go to guy." Freeman has very little value at this point.
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