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The Final Say........


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Feb 2, 2005
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Windsor, Ontario
Lets have your final picks in for the draft boys! Tell me who you think we'll get if we keep the #2 pick and assuming San Fran picks Smith.

And also tell me who you think we would get if we traded with Minnessota with #7 and 18.

If we have #2 I honestly think we'll take Edwards - IMO he's the best player in the draft and he'll be a super star, regardless of what school he went too.

#7 Cedric Benson - I think if we get #7 that he'll still be available up to then, IMO he's "just" as good as Ronnie Brown. But I would like either one.

#18 Williamson - I think since we missed out on Edwards and Williams that we would pick up a good WR that could make it in the NFL. But with 18 we could do a lot, get a CBm an O-line I dont know, thats a hard choice. But anyways, tell me who you think will be a phin TOMORROW!!!
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