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The first running back in Dolphin history

Congratz to ricky....we finally have what we longed wheres MARINO!?.......No hard feelings Jay F. you played like a pro bowler yourself.
No doubt... you can't take anything away from Jay today...

He had decent stats, if the WRs would have held on to a couple, they'd be better... NO ints!! and that killer block on the reverse was the icing on the cake...
Great play from Ricky thus far.

Now let's see him become the first Dolphin to have 4 consecutive 100 yard games :D
Originally posted by Phinnish
To have 3 consecutive 100 yard games :

Ricky Williams

Crap that belongs in trivia.

Really? Well congrats then. I guess us saint fans were wrong when we said he couldn't break the long runs. Thats 3 straight games now that ricky has had a BIG play. Now I just hope the fins fall flat on their face while RW still piles up the yardage so that our 1st round pick will be a high one. I doubt it though.
Originally posted by WharfRat

How about 16 100 yd regular season games?!!! :D :evil:

And 3 consecutive 200 yd playoff games!
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