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The Game Today


The High Tech Bong Monkey!
Apr 12, 2002
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We all know that at the moment, the Miami Dolphins are the better team between the two. However, thats never really matter in this match up. Many times we've beaten ourselves and the Jets have won.

The "Monday Night Miracle" was because we were leading and we let off. We backed off to run the clock out.

Does this sound like something we've done the past two weeks? It does to me. We've allowed the opposing team to push us, all in the name of running the clock down. And look what it got us last week. Do you think the Jets will miss that? Neither do I.

Let us pray.

Dear God, thou art righteous. Thou art divine. Thou will end the streak today and allow the Miami Dolphins to win. We beseach thee. Please smit the Jets. Amen.
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