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Feb 29, 2004
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You have to admire Saban. He has learned the game of Draft Day deception very quickly. Even though Ricky is absolutely not going to be a factor this year for the Dolphins, or any other NFL team, and we desperately need a quality RB, Saban has focused on Edwards and Smith as our top targets at the #2 spot. He has shifted everyone away from thinking Ronnie Brown or one of the top 3 RB's are in the Dolphin's crosshairs. Why Edwards and Smith?

Although both players would probably be good picks for us, clearly Saban wants to acquire more draft picks and shining the spotlight on Edwards and Smith is exactly what it took to bring Tampa and Minnesota out of the dark closet and into the trading discussions we are hearing about now. I personally think that Saban isn't interested in any player at the #2 spot, he just wants extra picks and he will do whatever it takes to acquire more of them.

Even all the hype about Ricky was just a ploy to make people think that Saban may not pick a RB, so he could turn his attention to Edwards and Smith, the only two guys that would draw trade interest.

The only problem is that Mike Nolan, Head Coach of the 49'ers, picked up on the charade and is now getting in the game also. He has backed off on Aaron Rodgers, who I think is still his first choice, just to cut off Saban and draw attention from the Bucs and Vikes. Give Nolan's working.

This is a great chess match to watch. It will go down to Saturday afternoon at about 12:15, before we know who had the best strategy. I like Saban's chances. I think people know that SF is starving for a QB and that Nolan is bluffing. Saban, on the other hand, has played his cards well and holding the best hand right now.
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