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The Great Jim Brown....has Met With Ricky The Last Two Days...


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Jan 27, 2002
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Hello To ALL..... I will be on my way to New York visit some family...this weekend.....but I have no plans with anyone but myself this I will be watching the Dolphins-Colts game at the mid-town Manhatten. I will have my lap-top...and will post after the game.

Yesterday....I had a lot of customers all of a sudden---asking me if we had anything that had to do with Hall-of-Fame RB....JIM BROWN. I knew that BROWN keeps a condo down he loves to play golf....and when customers call the store....its usually the employees who work for Golf resorts and country clubs. But this time.....I got a call from just a plain old fan from Ft. Lauderdale.....who claimed that he just saw the great JIM BROWN and RICKY WILLIAMS eating together in a Los Olas (Ft.Lauderdale) restaurant. is true folks....JIM BROWN has taken an interest in RICKY WILLIAMS.....he sees WILLIAMS as being viewed "differently"....and "unfairly". He has apparently taken in RICKY under his guidance....the last few days...I found that very interesting....and I heard JIM BROWN last night.....myself....on the JT THE BRICK SHOW....talking about JOHNNY UNITAS....and then telling JT the he has enjoyed meeting with RICKY WILLIAMS down here...the last 2 days. BROWN also pointed out that even GEORGE FOREMAN has reached out to RICKY as well.....they are trying to help RICKY understand his a leader...and they want him to make sure he stays strong....when "others" view him as being "different".

If anyone sees anything about this subject on RICKY's web-site....please download this over here...for all to read.

While I am here....... it looks like SAM MADISON is going to go down to a game time decision...on whether he plays. He is still listed as questionable. If he can't go.....its FLETCH over corner....and RAY GREEN in the nickel.

I keep hearing that JED WEAVER will kind of be phased out.....once TE DESMOND CLARK returns from that forearm injury. The Dolphins are very high on CLARK.....and will use him down in the red-zone with AIR McMichael. You wil see more two Te general....for the RICKY third and 1's...and so forth...with these 2 guys as well.

The DOlphins are still contemplating ALBERT JOHNSON geting another shot this Sunday......they know he was nervous....but they can't fathom him making a key turnover against the Colts.... DEDRIC WARD, and TRAVIS MINOR will be in there...if ALBERT sits.

I heard the Dolphins had the ol' loud speakers...out in the Dolphins are preparing for a very high decibel leve in the RCA dome.

I think we are going to win this game...... its going to be high scoring.... but I think the COLTS defense will not be able to hold up there end...when its all said and done.


As always DCH thanks for the extra inside stuff..makes this site worth while..I hope the Fins get Sam back for this game..he was running yesterday. suppose to practice today..I think we're know more today..I do see weaver time coming to an end..but I think we keep him this year as a good 3rd.. he's too valuable to discard that easy
oh noooooooooooooo!!!!

this is bad news. ricky needs to stay as far away from that pathetic turd jim brown as possible.

ricky, wierd or not, whatever you want to label him as, seems to be a good person. a stand up guy who is willing to deal with his isssues and not get lost in bitterness. he does alot of possitive work with kids to, and over all, is a pretty decent roll model.

jim brown is a racist, woman beating azzhole. he is nothing but a mouth piece for every murdering street gang from compton to nyc. whats he want ricky to do, get more in touch with his inner-city hommies and fight the power? give more money to the down and out street thugs in watts? show what a strong black man he his by showing up on any cut rate early morning tv show that will have him with a little stupid multi-color beenie on and blame all his troubles on the opressive white man? jim gonna teach him proper ebonics?

i smell a scam. ricky is shy and vulnerable and i bet good 'ol strong black man jim is looking for a bank roll for one of his latest gangster projects.

ricky needs to run ricky run as far and as fast away from jim [the turd] brown as possible. this joker is the last thing ricky willliams needs.


:monkey: on jim brown!!
While not feeling as strongly as Clayton on Jim Brown, I do feel that Ricky needs to be VERY wary of being "taken under Jim Brown's wings".

Ricky has never had any problems with the law, other than several highly publicized traffic incidents. But never one mention of any wrong doing, as far as the law is concerned.

On the other hand, Jim Brown has had a long history of one offense after another. While I do applaud his intentions as far as working with gang members, and inner-city youth to turn their lives around, and do the right thing, I do have a problem with his many unlawful acts, which have been well publicized.

If Ricky was looking for a role model, I think he should continue looking.
Unfortunately, Ricky seems to be very impressionable and J. Brown came looking for Ricky, appearing uninvited at his table when Ricky returned. I don't know specifics concerning J.Brown, but the general impression is that he has a bad attitude. Ricky wrote that he was looking at apartments on S. Beach after J.Brown showed his off to Ricky. This is NOT good news.
NO, we do not need Ricky getting into the South Beach scene... this could really ruin guys. Ricky needs to stay away from the party life down there... sure right now people have to drag him down and he only drinks water... pretty soon he will be draging others there as he pounds booze, and maybe on to drugs.. He really needs to stay away.
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