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Dec 12, 2001
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Albany, NY
I know most Jet fans don't really think they down graded at CB with the loss of Glenn & Coleman, but replacing them with Beasley & Abraham. I honestly don't know to much about Beasley, but Abraham is WAY overated. 1 Jet fan on their site had him rated above Madison, HA! For those that don't know Abraham was so good last season that he fell to #3 on the Bucs depth chart. Dungy had continues problems with his work ethic, and his lack of improvement. Abraham did have alot of ints 2 years ago, but I can't give him to much credit for that since he played with Tampa's d-line. As Ronde Barber proved this season CB on Tampa may be the best postion to play in all the NFL. The d-line puts so much preasure on the opposing QB, he often gift wraps ints for the CBs. I really think duping their 2 proven CBs will come back to bite the Jets in the a** this season. I would gaurnte the INT parade that usually goes on when Jay plays NY will end this season.
their 2ndary will be woeful, the big question if you are Jets fan (other that your sanity :evil: ) is will the pass rush be as good as the Bucs a couple of years ago. I doubt it
Abraham is one of the most overrated players in the league. Anyone who thinks that he is better than Madison or Surtain obviously has no knowledge of football.
Originally posted by iceblizzard69
Abraham is one of the most overrated players in the league. Anyone who thinks that he is better than Madison or Surtain obviously has no knowledge of football.
I doubt he is better than Fletcher :)
I think The Jets Cbs will be better this year. Are they in Madison and Surtain Class, Of Course not. The Jets play that Tampabay cover 2 scheme(Tampa cbs aren't that great) you better be a sure tackler and last year Jet Cbs( were ill suited to play this scheme. They were man to man cbs who were asked to play zone defense and they struggled all season.(There tackling was horrendous) The biggest problem i see with the Jets playing this scheme is there lbs. Outside of Sam Cowart(If can regain his health 100%) are ill suited for this defense. The Jets lbs are big lbs in the 250plus pound mode who were drafted to be 3-4 lbs. Tampabay lb are usually in the 225 pound mode who are lightning quick and cover alot of the field in coverage. The pass rush of the Jets should be formible with John Abraham and B Thomas who are both lightning quick ends who will put some heat on the qb. I think the lack of the lbs more suited to cover 2 scheme will be their downfall. Now the safetys and cbs will be asked to cover more of the field and they aren't that fast to pull it off.
Aaron Glenn ended up being pretty good at zone. Honestly I think they'll probably be ok at CB. Its linebacker where they will be weaker, and most especially at DT. They will get run on a lot, and I bet Herm Edwards can't stand that.
I just don't see them being good with 3 starters from last year gone. Add in the fact that their run d wont be that good since they have no one at DT, so their safetys will be forced to cheat leaving their corners on an island. I also love the fact that they have 2 new starters on the right side of the o-line. 38 year old Vinny better shake the cob webs off his legs because he will be using them a lot more this year.
Garnes AND Beasley were both cheap replacements; cap mismanagement has forced these types of acquisitions for the Jets this year. Abraham is also overrated, IMO. They had also better HOPE that their gamble pays off on Cowart. They threw a lot of hope and money in his direction.
The Jets have Jason Ferguson back (missed all of 2001 season due to rotar cuff tear) and Larry Webster. Not ther greatest tandem but should be pretty decent. Dt won't be as big a problem as last year. The Cb tandem they brought in (Beasley and Abraham) are better fits for the zone defense they play than last years group. Now if the Jets planed to play man to man defense it would be a big downgrade but they do not. They are probably deeper at De than the dolphins. (J Abraham, S Ellis , B Thomas and Steve White(ex Buc) I hope the dolphin players aren't buying into alot of fans thinking that the Jets are not as good of team as they were last year. If they are than don't be supprise if the losing streak reaches 10 games.
Right now that group of DEs is probably deeper than the Phins DEs. As soon as we sign either Coleman, Burnett, or Williams, it won't be...unless Shaun Ellis finds himself all the sudden. Steve White just plain sucks.

Its hard to say whether or not they will be better off at CB. Just because a player is use to playing zone more, it doesn't mean he's better than his man2man predecessor. Neither Abraham nor Beasley are better than Aaron Glenn, whether Glenn is playing zone or man. Its arguable that Abraham or Beasley would be better than Marcus Coleman, however. But Glenn was a shut down corner, and neither Beasley nor Abraham are of that caliber. Think about this, you play zone coverage so that a CB gets a chance to see the QBs eyes and it gives a CB more of a chance to intercept a ball. Given that, Aaron Beasley has only a paucity of interceptions in his career...and its NOT because teams didn't want to throw in his direction. And Donnie Abraham was so very good at this zone coverage that Tony Dungy, the originator of the zone defense that Herm Edwards plays, benched him in favor of Brian Kelly. I'm not sayin the Jets secondary will be horrid. I'm sayin that given the histories of the players they signed, its probably quite ludicrous to say that they have improved over last year's group.

And there's another problem with this faith in Jason Ferguson. The guy has started and played through only like 6 games in the past 2 years. And its not like he was a pro bowler to begin with! He isn't even fully acclimated to the 4-3 defense, and yet he's the savior to NY's interior DL problems? Its weird reading about people talking about Jason Ferguson coming back as if he's some sort of messiah. No doubt he's pretty good, but he's not a pro bowl caliber player, he was a nose tackle in the 3-4 before all his injury woes, and then there's the injuries themselves leading to the fact that the guy has only played through like 6 games in two years...kinda like another guy, Sam Cowart. Also funny how Jet fans automatically figure this guy to be soooo much better at linebacker than James Farrior (who by the way, the concensus says had a pro bowl caliber year last year). Yet the guy's coming off an ACHILLES injury. Gee, I think we in Miami oughtta know how much those can hurt a guys speed. By the way, Larry Webster? A backup at best. No better than Steve Martin.
Jets Jets Jets

I think the two new CB's will be better for them against the run, but they are woeful vs the pass. The Jets MAY end up having to run alot of Cover 2 zone so that the new guys don't kill them on coverage. It would also play to those two's Run Support strengths.
There's no "may" about it. Thats the defense that Herm Edwards wants to run, the cover two. It'll be easier on the the cornerbacks but once again they will get run on a lot. Both Sam Cowart and Jason Ferguson are bound to be rusty, and Larry Webster isn't all that good to begin with. I heard lots of Jets fans complaining about Marvin Jones last season always being out of position, and both John Abraham and Bryan Thomas are undersized and not "good" against the run. Abraham by now is probably adequate against the run, a lot like Jason Taylor who I would now call "good" against the run. Thomas most likely is horrid against the run cuz he's a rookie. We'll see if Shaun Ellis is any good against the run.

I feel sorry for Mo Lewis. He's abandoned out there. He's got a bunch of undersized, out of position, no talent, injury cases with rust next to him and the front seven is being given the responsibility of stopping the run ALONE, in the cover two.
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