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The Last Day!


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Dec 12, 2001
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Untill we can all finally see the Dolphins on TV, and other football games. We get the scrimage tomorrow, ESPNs report from Dolphin camp on Sunday(watch sports center on sat and sunday because i am pretty sure they will get some attention on there as well), and then a real preseason game on Thursday. We also get the Redskins and 49ers tomorrow night on espn. Does anyone know who is playing in the hall of fame game? and when is it? Yahoo! The offseason if finally over!
Originally posted by ckparrothead
Is that the game in Japan?

The game in Japan is the Redskins and 49ers at 10pm on espn. I am actully very interested in this game. Even though it will be just a taste i want to see how spurrier adapts his offense o the NFL. The hall of fame game, i just found out, is Monday with Texans playing the Giants. I am intersted in that one as well just to see David Carr.
Is that video feed from going to have good video, or is it going to be all choppy and crappy?? I have a pretty good computer with DSL connection.
The espn report is an online report, but they will likely get attention on sports center on sunday or monday. If you have DSL and have a good computer it should be good quality. I watched some scrimage last year online and i have a cable modem and it was fine.
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