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The latest on Keenan Mccardell...........


Welcome to Miami Daunte!!
Sep 19, 2001
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appears that the Bucs are showing interest and vice versa. I would only prefer Keenan over Cris since Keenan is only 28/29 yrs of age.

Buccaneers | McCardell Biding His Time - posted at KFFL (
8:07 PT: The St. Petersburg Times reports Jaguars WR Keenan McCardell is bidiing his time until his June 1 release. Recent reports have him landing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after his release. McCardell said he finds appealing a chance to play with WR Keyshawn Johnson and for coach Jon Gruden. As previously noted, he visited the Bucs last month and impressed team officials. "I think it'd be an intriguing place to play if I came to Tampa," McCardell said. McCardell said he will make a quick decision on his new team after he is released.
Derrick Alexander, Antonio Freeman, and Herman Moore, all better WR than Carter at this point. Carter will be in the broadcast booth next year since nobody wants him (especially the 'Fins receiving corps) and he won't take the vet minimum (which is more than he's worth.)
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