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The list of invitees is a fluid event


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May 1, 2002
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Apparently some of these invitees didn't make the trip. Some have made the trip very short by leaving on a voluntary basis or by injury. Sorry to say Drake is one of the short term visitors based on an injury.
If any of you guys are familiar with Wisconsin Lacrosse, I wanted to know if anyone know anything about Dustin Powell, the fast safety/linebacker dude. I notieced we attended his workout. He runs the 40 in excellent time (under 4.5).

Otherwise, the following poll. What invitees will receive a contract. Saban eluded to a handful of guys earning a contract if things fell right. Who are they? Here is my guess.

WR from Alabama St.

I think these guys have the best shot. Maybe the punter, Johnson.

My guess on who will get a contract for training camp:

RB Dwone Hicks
SS Atari Bigby
LB George Lewis
Did that kid from BYU - John denney make the trip. I went to high school with him and his brother Ryan Denney in colorado and played football and baseball with both of them. Great kid im hoping he makes the practice squad. His brother Ryan is a starter for the Bills. They both went to Horizon High School and then BYU.
I really hope that we will sign Atari Bigby,Matt ***a,George Lewis and Kevin Beard.
Atari Bigby ,George Lewis,Bobby Meeks and wr Laterence Dunbar tcu..
does anybody know anything about te alex holmes from usc ? i hear he is really good . what is his chances of making the team ? i do know the te from missouri is a decent te but i dont think we will keep him. the wr from kansas state i have not heard much about him. this anthony alabi sounds like could be a steel.
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