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The most important part of this draft


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Dec 12, 2001
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Miami has to get a 2nd round pick! There are probably 45 guys in this years draft that have legitamate 1st round talent. If we could move up to the top 15 of round 2 we could seal up both the 0-line and d-line. Then maybee go to rb in round 3. I really like Taylor from toledo. The division he played in will make him a 3rd to 4th round pick. I saw him play once live and a few more times on tv. He has good speed and is a very tough runner. I don't think the first guy has ever taken him down, that is what I think seperates great back and average backs.
We drafted an RB in the third round last year, it is not a draft concern this year. I say start Minor! We really need OL and maybe a QB as well.
I don't know if we need a QB. We have Cade in the wings, and I am curious if Chan or Shula can bring the star who played at UCLA back out of him, or if he is going to be a Rick Mirer never really adjusting to life in the NFL.

Hopefully, we will have a good idea of that before we draft this April.

we don't talk about him in the newspapers so that's good news!!! and he seems happy to be in Miami:D

i saw him a couple of times on tv after a Miami TD and he's always laughing and cheering (like after the Mixon TD ag. Denver..).
From what I have heard is Cade has been a great student all year, always just hanging all over Jay in practice, leaves late so he can get some 1 on 1 advise form the qb coach, other things like that. This is what he was missing in Chigago, he got so overwhelmed w/the life of a superstar before he became 1. I expect good things will come from Cade.
Cade seems happy in Miami, and I am a supporter of him and I do think he should start next year. He has tons of potential and has a great young WR here in Miami (Chambers.)
to me, chambers is .............

the biggest surprise to me ever. he came from a non-passing team, so you never heard about the guy. all of a sudden he's catching TD's in the NFL!

:D ;) :eek: :p
I know, at Wisconsin they have had 2 straight year of having an RB drafted in the 1st round (Dayne and Bennett). They have both been busts so far, but I could care less. Anyway, if Chambers went to a school like Michigan or Miami where they pass more, Chambers would have been an early first rounder. Everyone thought he was gonna go in the first round, but all those dumb teams passed up on what they knew was talent and are already regretting it.:)
is that we get somebody that doesn't suck. Did pretty good last year with Chambers. Fletcher hasn't made much of an impression on me, but hey there's always next year. We'll see what happens, just tell em to stay away from the coke till they make a draft choice and myabe next time we can get a QB. Still irked that they "passed Brees "(:lol: damn that sounds kinda funny don't it?) over for another cornerback. But hey that's in the past.:cool:
what pisses me off more than not taking breez was the fac that they didn't even pick the best corner on the board. Fred Smoot would look sweet in orange and teil.
Keep in mind guys that the fins will probally be releasing or trading Johnson, and I don't know if they will resign Lamar or not to me it's a 50/50 proposition right now so a RB might be a priority in the upcoming draft. In my opinion the order of importance heading into the offseason(FA, and Draft) is:

1. Offensive line
2. Offensive line(RG, AND LT)
3. Running back(Need some new blood besides Minor!!!)
4. Defensive Tackle(Not sure how long Gardner has left!!!!)
5. Defensive End(Mixon, and Bromell are UR FREE AGENTS!!)
6. WR/QB/Safety

The fins have allways had a knack for finding gems in the later rounds of the draft so maybe combined with freeagency they can get most of these spots filled.:) :)
And the other thing is that Fred Smoot is doing way better than Jamar Fletcher. What pissed me off even more is that a CB is what we needed the least.
i don't understand............

why management gives the big bucks to a rookie that has never played a down in the nfl. pro ball is a hell of a lot different than college. instead of having 2 or 3 guys that are exceptional, every player was drafted because he stood out from the rest.

well maybe not all. of course if you consider laying down on the field part of football, then rob johnson is the best! :lol:
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