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The N. Turner Offense : Conservative


May 21, 2002
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Ft. Lauderdale, FL
It will be exciting to see what N. Turner can do with this offense in just one off-season. Don't expect too much....

He's an OC that loves to run the ball until defenses wear down. He's not much of a risk taker, so don't expect too many surprises. Going deep is not in his game planning....

Lots of running, and short passes are the way he gets it done. Moving the chains is the most importanat thing, and he knows how to do that. He also likes using all of the players, to confuse defenses. If R. Konrad can contribute this season, and our TE's get their hands on the ball more, or offense will thrive in his system....

We have yet to bring in a OC with his abilities. He's highly regarded as one, if not the most talented OC in the NFL. He's a master at causing confusion within the opposition.....

He'll be using R. Williams as a decoy quite a bit, and that alone will give J. Fiedler the time he needs to find a WR. I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of effect RW will have in the play-action passing game. Defenses wont know what to do, and N. Turner does it better than anybody......

Just to warn you, N. Turner doesn't install a wide open type offense, it's more on the conservative side....So be patient once September rolls around....

I'm still not sure why people keep calling Norv's offenses "conservative." Maybe when comparing him to Mike Martz, but when compared to most of the rest of the league he is FAR from conservative. True, he does beleive in the running game, but he also is not a person that will run on every single down whether it is working or not. (can you say Chan Gailey?) There will be plenty of deep shots taken downfield, and lots of passing going on (likely quite a bit more than we saw last year.) But they will come off of the success of the running game. And that is EXACTLY how it is supposed to work. It will be a BALANCED attack, and to me I would consider that is more "wide open" than a team that throws on 90% of downs.
He's only conservative when he has a comfortable lead. I live in Maryland and watched the Redskins, Norv is as explosive as he has to be until he gets a good lead. Now the redskins weren't that successful, but S. Davis still had a 1000 yards and B. Johnson had over 3000 passing..That's not really conservative. If Westbrook would've cause the deep ball better..You would have seem a more wide open scheme..In Miami you have C.C. and J.M, both who can get deep..I expect J.M. to have a better year this year. Plus you have a catching fullback, TE, and RB..This offense is built on speed..You also have ball controlling O.G. , D.W. and threat Minus to break it open..Miami have weapons..If Jay understands the O and the OL give the weapons time and holes. You could actually see Rams eastcoast. Balance by talent, not just play calling.
I want conservative, if conservative means RW getting first downs. Give me the old early 70's Fins where Griese threw in the teens in attempts a game anyday. We threw a lot last year because we could not run the ball; so I do not expect Jay's yardage to increase much under Norv, but I do expect his rating to sky rocket :)

more Noev tidbits from

Division of the tight end
The Bills are hoping tight end Jay Riemersma will restructure his contract to avoid being cut because coordinator Kevin Gilbride wants to run a lot of two tight-end sets. After catching only 11 percent of their teams' passes last season, AFC East tight ends likely will have an expanded role this season. Dolphins coordinator Norv Turner, a big believer in throwing to tight ends, plans to throw a lot to rookie Randy McMichael and veteran Alonzo Mayes. The Patriots have first-round choice Daniel Graham along with Christian Fauria and Cam Cleeland, and the Jets drafted Chris Baker to challenge Anthony Becht.
Don't expect to see a Marino-esque offense this year with a good running game (It seems to me that some people are thinking they're going to see that this year, for whatever reason(s)). Norv Turner creates a balanced offensive attack that might be deemed as conservative by some, but I don't care what it's called; if it works, meaning it leads to points and relatively few turnovers, it's good.
Yes Turner runs a lot. Yes Turner likes to involve everyone and throw short passes to the RB/FB and TE's. However there is a really good reason for that. It creates matchups in which deep threat WR thrive on. If there is one person who should be overjoyed the most it's not Ricky or Jay. It's CC.
I'm no expert on Turner's Offense......

I think I'd say Turner was more "Balanced" than anything else. He usually has an RB that has a ton of rushing Yards, a WR with a ton of catches and yards, and a very productive QB. I think he also tends to average more points per game than most other OC in the NFL.

I don't think we'll see only Ricky all game, but that we will FINALLY throw to our TE and FB, and we will see Jay spread it around to the Wideouts, with Chambers having the best season of the Wr's on the team. I think Chambers will be the Michael Irvin type routes guy and McKnight will be our Alvin Harper type routes guy. Remember too, Turner learned from Don "AIR" Coryell, and the last thing he was ever called was conservative.
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It is true that Norv rus the ball alot, but unlike most OCs he sets up the run with the pass. He likes to send his WRs on deep routes clearing up the middle of the feild for his FB and TE. He is a master at spreading out the D making it easy for his RB to gain big chunks of yards. Then when the D creeps up he like to throw it deep. With the exception of the Chargers last year(mainly because no talent at WR) all of his teams have been very explosive.
He runs a good offense. He runs a lot, but he isn't predictable like Chan and does pass the ball a good amount.
More receiving options would cut down on Jay trying to force the ball to a covered man thus cutting down interceptions, right?
My thoughts exactly inFINSible. Plus with an extra year with the wideouts, they know eachothers a lot better, which will definately help.
The difference between conservative and running loose, is the amount of points you put on the board in my opinion...unless we're talking about running WR reverses like every other play and halfback passes every third play.

Norv Turner has used WR reverses before. The main thing he is responsible for when he is an offensive coordinator, is gauging what his team is good at and what they are not good at. He then strengthens some of those strengths, and tries to see if the team might be CLOSE to executing well on some other things, during training camp. Then during the season, he runs what we're good at...what he knows we can execute. If that means WR reverses, then that means WR reverses. If it means pounding the ball with Ricky, it means pounding the ball with Ricky. We have a lot of good WRs, so likely he'll try and utilize that somehow. What we don't have are talented reliable tight ends, so we'll see how he reacts to that.

Aside from that he runs a lot of pro style sets, and power I formations...with some shifts to gauge what the defense is doing zone or man wise. Tight end fires off the ball down the field a lot. Not much of the 3 and 4 WR formations in his book though he might add them based on our previous experience running them.

And don't think that Fiedler necessarily has more "options" just cuz we will be throwing to the TE or FB/RB more...before we use to run a LOT of 3 and 4 WR sets, and its hard to have more "options" than in those puppies. FB dumps are supposed to be far Jay's had trouble with them. Brad Johnson was really good at that.
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