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the new dolphin defence


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Mar 23, 2005
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Pulaski va
DE. Matt Roth DT. Larry Chester DE. Kevin Carter

OLB. Junior Seau ILB. Zach Thomas ILB. Channing Chrowder. OLB. J. Taylor

CB. Will Pool CB. Sam Madison

SS. Tebucky Jones FS. Travares Tillman

The New 3-4 Dolphin defense. get ready to get popped in the mouth NFL.
Roth used to play LB..i think he will be LB and Talor will stay at DE
we're not a 3-4. we;re not a 4-3 we will be a bit of both. combining players flexible to both (JT, Roth, Carter)

the only problem here is roth is not an end in a 3-4. he's an end in a 4-3 and a LB in a 3-4
This defense is going to be scary and I'm going to love next season
Replace Roth with Holliday. Then put Roth in Seau's place and move Seau inside. Zach's playing time might decrease.
I've got to disagree. I think you'll see something more like this:

DE: Carter DT: Chester DT: Bowens DE: Tayor

I think you'll see Holliday and Roth rotate in, situationally.

OLB: Seau MLB: Thomas OLB: Moore/Spragan/Chrowder (whoever wins the competition)

SS: Jones FS: Tillman

I think we could still see some 3-4 defense, I just think JT will spend a lot of the time in the 4-3, as well. I think our look will change situationally, just to screw with the other team's head...
I Know my defence is far fetched and any way you line up the defence will be scary and the one thing we all will agree on is miamis D will kick some major @** on the feild with years to come.
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