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The New Schedule: A tribute to Dave and Jimmy


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May 1, 2002
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The more and more I read about the limitations that existed in the Wanny-run team, the more and more I attribute joint accountability to Jimmy and Wayne. Now this may be more of a case of kicking a man while he is down, but for some reason I don't hold Wanny solely responsible. At least two men were instrumental in getting him in this position. Jimmy and Wayne. So as my first post on this newly revised message board, I want to pay tribute to the current state of the Dolphins and give full credit where credit is due. But in defense of Jimmy, he simply didn't know the extent in which his game strategies carried on by others (e.g., Davis; Wanny) couldn't be carried out without his all important personality. You see, Jimmy the philosophy could not be carried out without Jimmy the person. And even there limitations were becoming very obvious prior to his retirement.

A team without a national audience, a team starting over, and a team that was without the essential part of its game philosophy for a few years and had an imposter as the replacement. An imposter who didn't know his own limitations. Jimmy in particular should have.

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