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The NFL is retarded


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Sep 29, 2001
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You may not believe this but we actually clinched a playoff spot, although the NFL does not say that we have. Let me explain:

AFC Teams that can tie or have a better record than us at the end of the year if we lose our remaining games. If that happened, our record would be 9-7.

Top 3
Pittsburgh 12-2
Oakland 10-4
New England 10-5

Miami 9-5
Baltimore 9-5
New York 8-5

Denver 7-7
Seattle 7-7
Tennesee 7-7

The only three teams that currently aren't in a position to be in the playoffs if they started today but can have the same record as us if they win their remaining games and we lose them are Denver, Seattle, and Tennesee. We have beaten all three of those teams, and thus have a tiebreaker over them if we are tied with them. With that in mind, the only teams that can still get ahead of us in playoff position by the end of the year are the Jets and the Ravens. That means we can not fall below third in teams that did not win their division (we can still win the division) and we would still be in the playoffs. So we have clinched a playoff spot. It surprises me that the dumb NFL has not picked up on this yet.

The Colts have not been eliminated from the playoffs yet, and I don't think the Browns have been either.
huh, we must be missing something here. Why wouldn't they have that figured out?
U have to be right...i have been looking at it forever and even if we lose we hold tiebreakers to keep the 6th seed......I AM CONFUSED...

I was just watching sportscenter and they said denver and the titans are eliminated so it is between MIAMI, BALTIMORE, JETS, SEATTLE.....

and we have seattle in the tie breaker.....
You guys are wrong

We have beaten all those teams, and would be tied with them if we were to lose out, and they were to win out, BUT, this is how the rules in the NFL work. first it's overall record, THEN it's head-to-head record (WITHIN YOUR Division), then its DIVISION RECORD (WITHIN YOUR DIVISION) If you are tied with others for a playoff spot OUTSIDE your division, then it goes by DIVISION RECORD, and if it is still tied then it goes head-to-head. It's dumb, it really is. I think that if we are tied with either the Titans, Broncos, or Seahawks that would should get the TIE Breaker. BUT FOR EXAMPLE lets say we(Dolphins) go 9-7, Denver goes 9-7, Seattle goes 9-7, and the Titans are 9-7. Let's say our DOLPHINS Division record is 4-4 and Denver's is 5-3, or Seattle is 5-3 or Tennessee's DIVSION record is 5-3, then they would get the tiebreaker, and we would be out of the playoffs. STUPID STUPID STUPID!
Ok if that were true, then why would everyone be talking about if the Raiders and Dolphins tied at the end of the year, that the Dolphins would own the tie breaker for homefield because we already beat the Raiders? They are outside our division, so what gives?
So all we really have to do is win one game and we are in.......

If miami, baltimore, and the jets win this weekend it would knock seattle out of the race and all of us would be in
Iceblizzard is right....I dont know why they havent picked it up....I looked it up.
Yeah the way I read it also is that we're already in with 2 more losses. In fact here's what I would do...

Rest everybody for the next 2 games and take the loses and the 6th seed. Then go up to NE again for a rematch in round 1 well-rested.

I would rather play NE on the road rested than Baltimore at home not so rested. What do you guys think?
The only way that Seattle can get in is if the Jets lose their last two and they win out. The teams are pretty much locked up, they're just jocking for position.
It's nice to see my 2 favorite Jets fans are back to wish the Dolphins luck! :lol:

Please understand if I can't do the same. ;) :lol:

Hey Chops, I am awaiting that photo you keep talking about. :D
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