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The Offseason As I See It

Good work as usual

Just got done reading your article. As usual you had some valid and good points.
the only problem, jay is not..............

the only QB we can afford. at 5 mil we could pick up a veteran that could do the job! now that i sit back and think about it, that has to be a bogus number. i really can't see jay asking for that much!:eek:
Id say resign Mike Quinn, but he was one of the crop of players the Texans picked up.
i guess we could.................

throw out names all day, but i guess we'll just have to see who is available this offseason. my thoughts are to stay with fiedler. the INT and the fumble sunday were NOT his fault!:rolleyes:
Couldn't have said it better myself - AJ

great article.

Not that you care, but this is what I would do if I were the Dolphins GM:

1) If Fiedler opts out of his contract, then let him go. He is worth 2 million a year at best.

2) Get some offensive linemen. Get them either through free agency and if we can't nail any, then drafting one in the first round is necessary. I would try to sign Ron Stone or Chris Naeole, and if I get only one, then draft another one.


4) Try to ger Gardener or Bowens to restructure, and if they don't, then one (Gardener preferably) would have to go to the expansion draft. If this happens, drafting a big DT would also be neccessary.

5) Try to trade for an RB, or maybe sign one. I would talk to the Saints if I were the GM to attempt to get Ricky Williams. Rumors are going around that they will talk in the offseason, hopefully the talks will be successful.

6) Try to trade James McKnight, but not cut him. I would try to trade him for a draft pick, but if we can't trade him, then keep him. Don't cut him even though he drops the ball a lot, he is still a decent WR.

7) It is necessary to sign either Kenny Mixon or Lorenzo Bromell, and if we don't, our defensive line will be even worse than what it was this year. In the late rounds of this years draft (4th at the earliest if our draft picks remain the same) draft a DE. Also, try to draft another DE in the 2003 draft, because it will probably be our biggest need then, but we need either Mixon or Bromell until that.
we will have to cut Brock and Tim Bo if they do not re-structure

Dolphins | Tough Choices Coming - posted at KFFL (
January 15, 2002 17:05:28 PT Alex Marvez reports for the Sun Sentinel the Miami Dolphins have five players due roster bonuses in early March: FS Brock Marion ($2 million), DT Tim Bowens ($1 million), TE Hunter Goodwin ($550,000), S Shawn Wooden ($150,000) and LB Scott Galyon ($100,000). Due to the high base salaries for Bowens ($7 million) and Marion ($2 million) next season, the Dolphins likely will ask both players to restructure their contracts or get released. Goodwin, Wooden and Galyon may be released or they could be exposed in next month's expansion draft for the Houston Texans.
well 39............

i think i enjoyed football more when a player stayed on one team till he retired, this cap-crap is too much!:(
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