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Bring on the Ted Ginn Era
Nov 24, 2004
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Apalachicola, FL
Assumptions: Minnesota trades #7, #49, #120 for #2 to get Braylon Edwards.
Kansas City trades #46, #116 for Patrick Surtain

Rd. 1 #7 - Cedric Benson (RB) Texas - Benson is the most NFL ready back out of the big three and the most likely to contribute right away. His running style is almost exactly like Edgerrin James and will suit the one-back offense that Scott Linehan is trying to establish.

Rd. 2 #46 - Larry Brackins(WR) Pearl River CC - Brackins is a big and fast receiver who was being recruited by the likes of FSU and USC before decding to go pro. Will be able to step in imediately and make plays. Has a big frame at 6-4 and 210 lbs.

Rd. 2 #49 - Westley Britt(OT) Alabama - Most people outside the SEC don't recognize this name, but Coach Saban does. This man single handely opened up holes by himself for their running game.

Rd. 3 #70 - Gerald Sensabaugh(S) North Carolina - Very big hitter with decent top end speed. Will fit in great with our defense. Think of Sammy Knight with a little more speed.

Rd. 4 #104 - Vince Carter(C) Oklahoma - With the recent re-signing of Seth Mckinney, Coach Saban gets some insurance at the position. Could be a starter by next year.

Rd. 4 #116 - Antonio Byant(DT) Alabama - This is another one of those SEC players that had a impact. Coach Saban also recognizes this as a position we need more depth at.

Rd. 4 #120 - Dominique Foxworth(CB) Maryland - Foxworth is a little undersized, but has great field vision and could be a potential sleeper in this draft. Some compare him to a poor man's Ty Law.

Rd. 5 #138 - Jorden Beck (OLB) Cal-Poly - With the loss of Greenwood, coupled with the Eddie Moore injury bug, Coach Saban gets the speedy (4.38)
LB with great coverage skills. Has a few tackling problems, will probably contribute on special teams.

Rd. 7 #216 - Matt Payne(P) BYU - With Matt Turks's leg strength declining, Coach Saban gets a future replacement. Has great leg strength, but needs a little work on downing punts inside the 20.
no way we take Brackens with a 2nd round pick. I like a couple of your picks but that one is way off. Look for us to take possible Adrian Mcpherson (i know this may be early for him but i dont think he will make it to the 3rd round).
I'm down except for wesley britt, his arms are too short. Larry Brackens will be available later. And chi town will not take benson, they will take mike williams.
Love the comments on Wesley Britt...

sure I don't like Alabama, but he single handly holds on every play also. Take it from someone who has seen him play many times. He has short arms and can't keep guys off of him, he holds a lot and is overrated.
Chicago is definately going wr with Jones and A-train still there. They are trying hard to trade Atrain.
I doubt KC will dish away a 2nd and a 4th for surtain
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