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The real question


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Dec 12, 2001
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Albany, NY
I don't think anyone here thinks that Cade or Ray would be so much better at qb than Jay, but the real question is is Jay 4 million dollars better than they are? Before you answer think long and hard about what that 5mill would buy us if we chose not to keep Jay. Think about 2 o-lineman that could be brought in to sure up our o-line, and then think about how that would also save us a 1st round pick.

Jay is not worth $5 mil. I would give him $2.5 mil. a year as a starter for our team. BUT, you are right about the OL aspect. We do need at least two FA lineman that can come in a start. Jay makes me nervous when he plays, but I remember seeing him play in Jacksonville and he has the tools to be a very good QB. He played good there because Jax. had an excellent offensive line in front of him. If we take care of the line, Jay will not disappoint next year. (did I just say that). I can't believe it, I better go get myself checked out :lol: . GO FINS!
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