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the return of mercury 40

mercury 40

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Dec 12, 2004
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I am back, by unpopular demand. so what is going on my fellow dolphin fans ? I have been having computor problems lately so what is happening with our undrafted rookies who is going to make the team? i did hear that rb kay jay harris is really faster than travis minor and some people are predicting he will do well . i hope they are right. does anybody know if the cb and te from missouri will make the team ? so when is the next mini camp or qb camp?

just for the record i am buying a mcmichael and seau jerseys next week i am thinking of getting a white seau and a orange mcmichael .
go dolphins
how unusally coherent....:tongue: :wink:

good to have you back merc.
thanks dday , thanks jimi ,

i am ready for the dolphins to take the field already . i am not ready to say that we will reach the playoffs yet but i think a 6 or 7 win may be in store due to dl issues which may not be that big and cornerback issues . but i am glad saban is the coach now. my nightmares of hearing " oh we are really close or the lame excuse of it wasnt jay's fault it was the receivers fault for running down the field too far and jay's passes were a little short. the list of wanny's excuses could total 2 billion dollars in lost sleep from my sleep deficit because thats how much sleep i lost due wanny and jay.

I have good news fellow fin fans. i didn't go to a strip bar nor did I spend any taxpayers money on betting on football games . i thought i would let rick nuehisal (spp) do that. even more good news i havent seen or hear any jets fans claiming they were superbowl bound.
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