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The Ricky Williams Trade


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Mar 3, 2002
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Excluding what the Saints gave away in the original draft for Williams (#1, #1, #3,#3,#4,#5,#6,#7). Just how much are the Saints really getting from the Ricky trade. Sure we all know somewhat how much the phins are trading. However how much are the Saints really recieving.

The Dolphins traded a #1 and a conditional pick (#1-#3 dependant on performance) for Ricky Williams and to move up in the 4th round in a swap of 4th round picks (which we got a bona fide possible future ProBowl TE).

The 1st rounder we gave this year is discounted. Why you ask? The Saints spent a higher 1st rounder on Deuce McAllister with the express intent of getting rid of Ricky at some point (You don't spend a 1st rounder for a backup RB).

Right now it looks like the Saints traded Ricky for a 2nd (based on how is season is going it looks like a solid 1400 yard season).

However hold on. The phins in that deal got to move up in the 4th round. How valuable is that? That would have costed a 5th rounder.

So in essence the Saints traded Ricky for most likely a tarnished 2nd rounder (since there was a trade up for the phins in the 4th round this year and they spent a higher #1 on drafting Deuce then they recieved back).

Just some oddball food for thought :biggrin:
It's a good deal for both get a star RB....we already have a star RB.....we got a starting DE and hopefully another good player next year.
Great points, Van.

Originally posted by VanDolPhan

Right now it looks like the Saints traded Ricky for a 2nd (based on how is season is going it looks like a solid 1400 yard season).

Even though it is extremely early in the season, I too believe Ricky's going to have had a solid season when it is all said and done. Yeah, sure, he's currently on pace for 1944 yards rushing, and yeah, that would be nice, but it's PROBABLY not going to happen (I believe there have only been two people who have had over 1900 rushing yards in a single season the past decade [Barry Sanders and Terrell Davis]). If he's on pace for over 1900 yards come week 11, then we know there's a HUGE possibility (Picture him going for over 2105 yards. That would be true bliss).

All in all, I also expect him to finish the year with close to 1500 yards rushing (A little less than that number, of course). Hopefully going into the final game or two of the season we will have the first seed locked up, so we can bench Ricky for those/that game(s). However, I believe that too is unlikely, especially considering the fact that our final game of the regular season is at Gillette Stadium (Gulp! That game might feel like the first game of the playoffs)
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