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the stupid month of July


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Dec 12, 2001
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Albany, NY
Towards the end of this month a good number of fans can't deal with the lack of action, and being curious about all the question marks for the upcomming season. It happens every year some fans just lose it and start thinking the whole team is going to the crapper because we didn't add that 3rd string CB after the june 1st cuts. Then for the next month untill preseason gets rolling they bring us down with a plethara of negative comments. Dp we have a couple postions on our team that could be stronger? Hell yeah, but so does every one else in the NFL. It is doubtfull anyone will find any probowlers this late in the off season, so lets just hope the guys we have can come up big, and lets get ready to watch our new human wrecking ball tear up the AFC east.
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