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The Turnover Gods


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Dec 12, 2001
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Albany, NY
Have been the reason we are 3-0 and looking very good. We have commited only 1 turnover in 3 games thus far, and have forced 10 or so. That is huge! If you look at the Patriots last season their turn over ratio was a major part of their sucsess. They beet us in the 2nd game because they caused 3 huge turnovers either setting up points or stopping us from scoring. I think our sucsess in turnovers thus far can be traced back to 2 big changes from a year ago: 1) Our defense is runnig around and playing with alot more heart. They haven't given up on plays, and seem to be going after the ball twice as hard as last year. 2) JAY FING FEIDLER! He isn't being asked to do to much, and he is playing very smart. He isn't forceing the ball like he has in the past, and he has shown that he knows when to just take a sack or throw it away. I have to tip my hat to Jay if he keeps playing like he has been he will most likely end up in Hawaii and probably will take a trip to San Deigo at the end of Jan.
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