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The ususal suspect?


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Dec 12, 2001
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I am not a Fiedler supporter, but I don't think he is costing us this football game. The o-line has played horrible and the d looked jet lagged. Hopefully we can shake out the cobwebs in the 2nd half.
How can you say

Jay didn't cost us the game! We started with a 3 and out, then Jay comes in and promptly gets picked off and gives the momentum to them in their stadium. :fire: They didn't look back from there. Average QB at best. We need to find a QB and fast. Like before our D gets old and grey.
ummm yea Jay threw a bad pass, but our defense flat out sucked ass today. A 98 YARD DRIVE? They couldn't stop the run, they couldn't stop anything.

I also blame Fiedler for some really off target passes. Having Chambers wide open at least three times, and just blowing it.

It was a suck game by the coaches as well. Bringing in Lucas on that third and 1 was stupid, and if you ask me it has always been stupid.

There is a positive side to this loss, and I will start a new thread to explain it.
Bottom Line...

Our Defense would not have "sucked" so bad if they were not on the field for the entire game. I mean, just getting to the 100 yard mark for total offense in the middle of the 4th quarter is (*%$ sad.:fire: :yell:

:monkey: Jay
I see said that blind man...

You're also telling me that the game was all riding on Jay. Funny... we have a bad game against a NFC opponent and we all jump on the "We Hate Jay" bandwagon. Of course, you know, the game is all Jay's fault. The 49ers marching down the field against our defense doesn't symbolize a team loss. Of course not, Jay plays Cornerback on the defense.... thats right... cornerback.

Did you see all the miss tackles? I guess not. Did you notice how effective the 49ers were running the ball? Of course not. Did you notice the amount of time Jay had to throw the ball? Nope. What about how well Lamar Smith ran the ball? Obviously not.

Look, Jay did throw a few bad passes. I'll admit it. However, the game doesn't ride all on one mans shoulders.

Look at my Canes. When Dorsey is having a poor game. Who gets the TDs? The Defense.

The Fins D didn't show up...the team didn't show up. So just take the loss, and forget it. There are still three more games left, and a chance for the playoffs.
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